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As we await the grand pronouncement of the latest Committee designed to address our debt, the logical conclusion is that their solution will end up as always, all sorts of tax increases immediately and a tentative offer of cuts in the Government to come later.

When will those tigers of the press the Investigative reporters digging up dirt on Republican candidates get interested in finding an answer to the real question about our debt. WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO!!!!! AFTER ALL THE GOVERNMENT REVENUES WERE CONSUMED THE GOVERNMENT HAS GONE ON TO RUN UP A $14 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT!!!!!

Don’t blame it on Social Security. That fund has been running a surplus for decades.

Can’t blame it on the Defense Dept. All the wars this Nation has ever fought I doubt came close to 14 trillion dollars and let us not forget that providing for a national defense is the only obligation of the Federal Government spelled out in the Constitution.

Can’t blame it on Education, Property taxes have exploded over the years especially since the Federal Government has jumped to the aid of State run schools.

. Infrastructure? Not likely – roads and bridges are falling apart despite the Government taking almost half of all the money paid at the pump by the SUV drivers of this country without counting the fees truckers pay to stay on the road.

Not The Postal Service, they have been cutting back on services and raising prices all my lifetime. I can remember getting mail with twice daily deliveries and one delivery on Sunday and a first class stamp was 3 cents.

Certainly can’t blame the deficit on Smokers, Cigarettes have been taxed into oblivion and smokers don’t take much heath care since they all die early.

The only real truth here is that our debt is the result of Politicians of all stripes who have thrown our tax dollars down a rat hole in order to try and provide for their own job security. If the Democrats want to raise taxes how about they start by demanding the liberal limousine blowhards who say they want to pay more in taxes put up or shut up. Perhaps instead of ripping the rich off in campaign contributions they could close some of the loopholes they so graciously provided to their campaign contributors and apply that to the debt.

Its time Washington DC got off the dole and started worrying about the future of this Nation instead of how best to keep their job, their retirement benefits and their pay raises and if nothing else, for once and all stop scamming the American taxpayers, When half the workers in this Nation don’t pay any income taxes while demanding more and more benefits it’s time to stop talking about people paying their fair share and start seeing to it that not only do all citizens pay their fair share but those responsible for spending tax dollars use it to benefit all citizens not just themselves and those that keep them in power. Robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is not social justice it is highway robbery and whatever one thinks of the tea party, they at least are smart enough to know they are being scammed and they aren’t yet too afraid of their own Government to say so

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Everyone thinks Perry blew it by bringing up the Obama birth certificate issue.

First of all he didn’t bring it up; he was asked a question by a media
guru.  And he gave a flip answer. So What?   What is the big deal about people wondering about the President’s birth certificate? Is there anyone in this country who hasn’t been
asked for their birth certificate at one time or another, for a driver’s license
for a job, for a passport or for any number of reasons, certainly for
government benefits?

And why wouldn’t Barracks mother do all she could to claim her son
was a citizen since Hawaii has always been one of the leading Welfare states in the Nation especially at the time.

When President Bush‘s military service was questioned I don’t remember anyone calling the questioners wacky or stupid or conspiratorial, nor were they identified as Bush Bashers by the mainstream media. The double
standard that is exhibited by the mainstream media is why they have lost their standing with most viewers.

I agree with Perry that the main reason for these primary debates being such an attraction for CNN, NBC, PBS, etc is that it gives them a chance to tear down the Republican candidates while at the same time they can promote Obama’s re-election campaign unimpeded by having to cover him in a primary.

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It is evident the powers that be in DC have perfected the art of Dodge Ball,   everybody knows nothing about anything.    They know nothing about
fast and furious, they know nothing about Arab Spring, had no idea the housing
bubble was about to burst, ( Barney Frank even said everything was just fine
with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack).  They neverunderstood what hedge fund managers were up to, (who knew Lehman Brothers couldfail? )  The only one among the FBI big wigs who was suspicious of Arab terrorist’s activity in America was fired and died trying to protect the twin towers on 9/11. And no one,  among the dope soaked members of the Inside the Beltway circle jerk can begin to  explain what they were thinking when they
designed Obama care and  the appalling
investment of tax payer money into nefarious green industries.   And we continue to pay these People.    WHY??????

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Lincoln said it best and it is certainly worth repeating as
we watch the shenanigans of leftist mobs grabbing for their perceived share of
the nation’s wealth.


What is disturbing
about the Occupy Everything movement is that the DNC has embraced this mob of
desperate sheep drawn into the class envy creed of union thugs and Maoists in
the hope that these masses will produce a sufficient distraction so they can
sneak in the re-election of a failed President Obama behind the blinding clouds
of pot smoke and tear gas.

If Occupy the World actually represent the thinking of even
51% of voters,   this Nation is doomed

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If President Obama wants some action from Congress he needs to build a fire under Harry Reid and most of the other Democrats in the Senate.   The House of Representatives have been inundating the Senate with major legislation,  and good old Harry either ignores them or insults them and sits on the legislation,  probably in fear that if he brought some of the Houses bills to a vote in the Senate they would pass – which of course would probably lead to President Obama wishing he  never started his campaign against a do nothing Congress.

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Why is the media which ignored the tea party and accused
them of racism and worse so anxious to equate it to the Occupy Wall Street
crowd whom more often than not they smother with admiration  .  Equating
these two movements would be like comparing George Washington to Stalin; sure
they were both leaders of their country but even those indoctrinated by some
Ivy League school must be able to distinguish between the governing styles.  Or even worse comparing the American revolution
to Castro’s’ takeover of Cuba, Or trying to compare doers with dreamers, or
community with commune, or education with indoctrination, or wisdom with
wisecracks, or petitioning ones government to rioting and vandalism, common
sense with nonsense,  Sure both movements
object to the bailouts and corporate cronyism, but the tea party knows who to
blame for the debacle they both deplore.
Wall Street bankers didn’t bail themselves out    nor did they demand there be no restraints
on how they used their  gifts from the
Treasury.   Seize control of every asset
of every billionaire and you might put a dent in the debt,  but now you are out of people from whom  to transfer wealth and you still got the
Government running up our deficits.  Let
the rich do what they do best,  earn and
spend money and get over the idea that robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is
social justice,  the only ones who profit
from that jobs program are politicians.

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We have waited three years for some kind of rational response from this White House to the need for jobs,  answers for the housing industry a way out of the debt situation and all we get is smoke and mirrors or a dog and pony show (take your pick) whose only purpose is to try and grab four  more years of power.  I agree we can’t wait for next years elections lets impeach him now.

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