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Hillary? Really!. That’s the best Feminists can offer up? Or for that matter the Democrat Party?

We have over 300 million people in this Nation and She is the best bet for President according to Billionaire Buffet. What has happened to this nation? Have we learned nothing from electing her fellow Saul Alinsky sycophant?> Read the Hillary letters to Alinsky,

Put aside her complicity in the Benghazi debacle, put aside her duplicity in trying to cover up her activities in the Rose’s Law Firm. Forget her trying to blame her husband’s perversions on a Right Wing Conspiracy. If you put all that aside (I can’t) lets examine what she has done to earn the right to lead this country.

The only person who has done less to advance the interests of most Americans Is President Obama.She rode  into office on the coattails of her adulterous husband whose flagrant womanizing she has not only tolerated but (like the cookie baking housewives she abhors) in an abject effort to acquire her own political power she has stood by her man, no matter the humiliation to which he has subjected her.

Bill, Bubba, Clinton claims she is the most intelligent woman her has known, that is probably true but to my mind that is damning with faint praise.
Let’s review what she did as First Lady. How about Hillary care, a health plan even the Democrats wouldn’t sign off on. Other than that, like Michelle, she mostly took advantage of the White House Perks, piling up frequent flyer miles on her global vacations for her and Chelsea, sure she stopped in to great applause on various tax payer funded international meetings of various UN sponsored Liberal organizations. But what American policies did that advance? Anywhere?

How about as Secretary of State. More of the same. She made a joke of our policies toward Russia, as has Obama. Hillary is a Obama re-do. Although she doesn’t play golf and talks like a hawk basically we are looking at the same narcissistic, self-indulgent, self adulating, ideologue whose only claim to fame is her ability to sustain her delusions of superior ability among the talking heads in the Democratic party without a smidgen of evidence to support her ambitions.

She thrives in a bubble created by Feminists and Democrats who are as delusional as she is and would rather destroy this country than relinquish their political power.

Biden would do more to forward the interests of this country than this duplicitous whore to power and he would be good for a few laughs, which Hillary has never been


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Photograph of marijuana plants As hard as I might try,  the only explanation I can find for the actions of the current Administration is a liberal inhaling of smoke from their  plant of choice as well as other drugs.

How else can you explain Hillary’s hallucinations about videos being the root cause of our ambassador’s death in Benghazi?

Or our President thinking he could jabber Putin out of taking over the Crimea (of course President Obama may have just been bending over to show his flexibility)

Or our Attorney General Holder believing he could somehow out maneuver the Mexican Cartels by having our Gun Dealers sell assault rifles to straw men as the DEA turned a blind eye, Or that releasing a bunch of Drug Dealers would improve our prison system.

A dope soaked brain would definitely explain why Sibelius thought she could bluff her way through the Obama care roll out, while all those around her were screaming skepticism

And what else would explain Harry Reid’s maliciously perpetuating obvious slander against conservatives of all stripes while barely restraining his giggles?

Or Michelle and Barrack blithely vacationing from one end of the world to the other as though unaware the country has a 17 trillion-dollar plus debt

Or friends of the earth jetting around the country on Earth Day in order to  promote energy conservation or how could the Robert Redford crowd sit on their Redwood decks surrounding their log cabins discussing how to save our redwoods without any awareness of the  ludicrousness of their actions unless  they were floating on a cloud of marijuana

How else to explain the unbelievable pronouncement from The President himself that there wasn’t even a smidgen of wrong doing involved in the IRS preventing Conservative groups from participating in fund-raising during the 2012 elections,  which of course worked to the Democrats favor and probably led to Obama’s successful return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

I don’t know what others might think of what is going on in Washington DC these days but I suggest someone check that haze hovering over Progressives, it is probably the best explanation for what is going on and where our taxes are going, namely to pay for the drug hallucinations of those committed to bringing utopian wet dreams to life.  It should be obvious that a drug laden life jacket is the only thing saving  our current crop of collectivist ideologues from drowning in a sea of hypocrisy.

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untitledTo believe that promoting Obamacare is doing God’s work,  you have to believe Government is God and Obama is his Messiah.   Unfortunately the Bible President Obama swore upon doesn’t guide him in Office.

Social Justice isn’t the same as collectivists redistribution of wealth.  You can’t rob Peter to buy Paul’s vote for your political ambitions and say you are doing God’s work.

Christ spoke of individual responsibility, you loving your neighbor, not expecting the Government to do all the loving for you.  Paying taxes doesn’t equate with freely giving of your time and money to aid those less fortunate.   The truth is, for all their talk wealthy Democrats give less to charity than Republicans yet  they claim they are the ones who truly care for their neighbor,  truth is most liberals don’t much care  for their neighbors, their siblings, their families,  the most important consideration is not doing something to show love for their fellow-man but instructing everyone else on how not supporting their bright utopian ideas on saving the world  proves their opponents are evil.

Secularism is basically self-love, “Here’s to thee and Here’s to me may we never disagree, if we do to Hell with You.  Here’s to Me” and justifies its existence by promoting loathing for those who still cling to their guns and Churches the heart of true freedom as put forth in our Declaration of Independence and reinforced with the Constitution.  No wonder President Obama is so contemptuous of both the Constitution and his opponents and thinks pushing Government Programs is doing GOD’s (aka Government of Democrats) work

Also explains why Eric Holder feels free to only enforce the laws he agrees with.  What a bunch of arrogant,  head up their butts, ignorant ideologues we have running this country.  However,  I don’t fear them as much as I do those in this Nation who support them because they run our Universities and Media and thus control what our youth know about America and their fellow citizens .   Unfortunately our students are taught more about Socialist Utopian aspirations then they are about what really made this country work.

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untitledThe following article was sent to me via e-mail.   I think it explains why Gates felt compelled to write the Book he did,  the only real question is why didn’t he write it sooner.  I think he had a duty to do so and think he himself did a disservice to the military.

Another step in destroying our military.

LTC Dooley Fired

This story should make your blood boil – how Obama tears the heart out of our military …..

Lt. Col Matthew Dooley, a West Point graduate and highly-decorated combat veteran, was an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University .

He had 19 years of service and experience, and was considered one of the most highly qualified military instructors on Radical Islam & Terrorism. He taught military students about the situations they would encounter, how to react, about Islamic culture, traditions, and explained the mindset of Islamic extremists.

Passing down first-hand knowledge and experience, and teaching courses that were suggested (and approved) by the Joint Forces Staff College . The course”Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism”, which was suggested and approved by the Joint Forces Staff College , caught the attention of several Islamic Groups, and they wanted to make an example of him.

They collectively wrote a letter expressing their outrage, and the Pro-Islamic Obama Administration was all too happy to assist. The letter was passed to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey.

Dempsey publicly degraded and reprimanded Dooley, and Dooley received a negative Officer Evaluation Report almost immediately (which he had aced for the past 5 years). He was relieved of teaching duties, and his career has been red-flagged “He had a brilliant career ahead of him. Now, he has been flagged.” – Richard Thompson, Thomas More Law Center ”

All US military Combatant Commands, Services, the National Guard Bureau, and Joint Chiefs are under Dempsey’s Muslim Brotherhood-dictated order to ensure that henceforth, no US military course will ever again teach truth about Islam that the jihadist enemy finds offensive, or just too informative.” – Former CIA agent Claire M. Lopez (about Lt. Col Dooley)The Obama Administration has demonstrated lightning speed to dismiss Military brass that does not conform to it’s agenda, and not surprisingly, nobody is speaking up for Lt. Col. Dooley.


Share this if you would. Let’s bring some attention to this.

Go to these links to confirm it:



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Official portrait of Secretary of State Hillar...

Guess the NY Times decided to get ahead of the pack in electing Hillary as first Women President.  As usual all they can do is lie for her because the truth has never served the Lady well. The New York Times so called investigative report on what happened in Benghazi is as Bogus as their theme, all the News That’s fit to Print, make that “Which we see fit to print”


As some may remember, there was very little truth involved in Hillaary’s Congressional testimony regarding The Rose law firm
( for example, the files found on a desk in the Presidential quarters at the White House?); or how about Billy Boys philandering (remember that was all a right-wing conspiracy); and of course we had all those around the world vacations she took her daughter on at Government expense,  oh excuse me I forgot, they were diplomatic excursions for  the President, nice being an ambassador even before you become Secretary of State.  Now we have Benghazi and the insidious video that caused four Americans including our Ambassador to be killed, sans  security in an area known to be threatened by terrorists.  These are the same people who accuse Bush of being a liar.  Bush may have been wrong about Weapons of Mass Destruction but he didn’t lie about it,  he believed Saddam had them, with good reason since he had used them before on the Kurds.   

 Oh well,  I guess it doesn’t much matter to some voters whether a President has integrity,  maybe that’s because many of them don’t even know what that means.

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English: Depiction of the Senate vote on H.R. ...

English: Depiction of the Senate vote on H.R. 3590 (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) on December 24, 2009, by state. Two Democratic yeas One Democratic yea, one Republican nay One Republican nay, one Republican not voting Two Republican nays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know how many of you may have seen this video,  it is a winner.


  I am so tired of the media and the talking heads on CNN, CBS  NBC and ABC trying to sell the CZARS and ACTION FIGURES in this Administration as the Best and the Brightest,  they most certainly are the most Devious and deceitful  as in Benghazi, IRS phony scandals and Obamacare fraud,  thank goodness there are people out there willing to call it as they see it.

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English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am beginning to think we have a White House full of Psychopaths.  They talk a good game about compassion for all, but from what I see they are all hat and no horse.

We have a failed President talking about phony scandals?   Benghazi a “phony” scandal?  Four brave and productive Americans needlessly  killed in a Shark like feeding frenzy.  Obviously precautions could have and should have been made to prevent such an attack after the State Dept and surely the President were made aware that all foreign embassies and personnel were targets of terrorist in Lybia.  Instead of protecting our overseas personnel this Administration spins a ludicrous tale about some obscure  video  initiating a protest of Muslim citizens!  Obviously a childish attempt   to cover up the ineptitude of the State Department and the Pentagon. Are we to believe that a spontaneous  protest of  irate Muslim citizens would include rocket launchers and sub machine guns?   Meanwhile our ever astute President’s main concern seem to have been to  get a good nights sleep so he could  wow his groupies at his next fund-raising event.

And then these self-serving,  power-hungry ideologues put salt in the wound by referring to Benghazi as a Bump in the Road, (White House Spin)),  followed by a Screeching declaration of “What difference does it make? (Hillary Clinton,  our Sec of State) and now we have “A Phony Scandal” (The President of the United States}

How about other Phony Scandals.   The IRS ordered to deliberately forestall the approval of 501 status to Conservative Groups in order to prevent them from acquiring sufficient funds to promote their views during the 2012 elections, obviously using the IRS as an arm of the Obama re-election campaign.  A Phony Scandal? What a Crock!

And while we are at it how about the Sibelius manipulations of Medicaid and Medicare,? Talk about pushing grandma off a cliff to pump up the President’s major legislative achievement.  Cut Medicare and Medicaid to make it look at though Obama care is saving the Government money. Meanwhile insulting the Catholic Church and its Bishops but demanding they bow to Secularists abortion priorities.  Maybe that isn’t considered a scandal but it should be.  Of course a bigger scandal is Notre Dame giving an honorary degree to one of the Nations  biggest Abortion legislators in the country President Obama.

The Appointees and Czars of this Administration are touted as the Best and the Brightest this Nation has to offer,  if that is actually true this Nation is beyond redemption. They may be smart but from where I sit they seem a bubble off plum at best and probably psychopathic to say the least.

Then how about playing the Racist Card   from the White House purportedly to support Trevor Martin but in real politics a blatant effort to  distract from the mounting evidence the IRS was engaged in aiding the President’s re-election campaign and fuel for the racial conflict political profiteers.  Stirring up mobs for political gain is probably an even more disgusting use of Presidential Power and more than just a scandal, I call it criminal.

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