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Photograph of marijuana plants As hard as I might try,  the only explanation I can find for the actions of the current Administration is a liberal inhaling of smoke from their  plant of choice as well as other drugs.

How else can you explain Hillary’s hallucinations about videos being the root cause of our ambassador’s death in Benghazi?

Or our President thinking he could jabber Putin out of taking over the Crimea (of course President Obama may have just been bending over to show his flexibility)

Or our Attorney General Holder believing he could somehow out maneuver the Mexican Cartels by having our Gun Dealers sell assault rifles to straw men as the DEA turned a blind eye, Or that releasing a bunch of Drug Dealers would improve our prison system.

A dope soaked brain would definitely explain why Sibelius thought she could bluff her way through the Obama care roll out, while all those around her were screaming skepticism

And what else would explain Harry Reid’s maliciously perpetuating obvious slander against conservatives of all stripes while barely restraining his giggles?

Or Michelle and Barrack blithely vacationing from one end of the world to the other as though unaware the country has a 17 trillion-dollar plus debt

Or friends of the earth jetting around the country on Earth Day in order to  promote energy conservation or how could the Robert Redford crowd sit on their Redwood decks surrounding their log cabins discussing how to save our redwoods without any awareness of the  ludicrousness of their actions unless  they were floating on a cloud of marijuana

How else to explain the unbelievable pronouncement from The President himself that there wasn’t even a smidgen of wrong doing involved in the IRS preventing Conservative groups from participating in fund-raising during the 2012 elections,  which of course worked to the Democrats favor and probably led to Obama’s successful return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

I don’t know what others might think of what is going on in Washington DC these days but I suggest someone check that haze hovering over Progressives, it is probably the best explanation for what is going on and where our taxes are going, namely to pay for the drug hallucinations of those committed to bringing utopian wet dreams to life.  It should be obvious that a drug laden life jacket is the only thing saving  our current crop of collectivist ideologues from drowning in a sea of hypocrisy.


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Our System of Government is being raped, pillaged and ultimately decimated by this Administration and all we get from most of the Media is White House Spin, and Collusion in the Stonewalling of the actual criminal neglect of responsibility, and approbation for the outright lies flippantly permeating the story lines produced by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and a plethora of czars, appointees and sycophants.

“There was nothing that could have been done to aid the Victims in Benghazi”,  Horse hockey,  hundreds of decorated active duty and retired military openly disagree, including ex Seals.  “Benghazi was just a protest aggravated by some video” which ninety percent of the participants could not have possibly even seen.  That’s two obvious prevarications.  Then they add salt to the wound by calling it a “phony” scandal that had nothing to do with the White House,  the fact that the President was more interested in preparing for his next campaign stop for fund-raising than what was happening in Benghazi is scandal enough.   The only phony part of the story is the Administrations purported  concern for the victims.

As for the IRS deliberately interfering with Conservative Groups efforts to get financing for their efforts to exercise their freedom of speech; That is so wrong, especially since the only point was to to manipulate the 2012 elections in favor of President Obama.  Voter fraud pales in comparison, let’s not forget the media’s complicity in foisting this Administration on us, Crowley during the debates defending Obama’s spin on Benghazi.

Then of course we have Holder claiming he would never seek an indictment of a working reporter,  that is unless they are connected to Fox.  Also,  lets not forget his claim that he knew nothing about the scam to promote gun control by permitting  dealers selling of guns to drug dealers in Mexico and then claiming  the Mexican Drug Cartels successes were due to loose gun controls in this country.  That’s not just deceitful,  its diabolical. And the deliberate harassment of AZ officials because they wanted to improve security on their borders,  and Texas officials who sought to improve safety for women seeking abortions, or trying to prevent voter fraud by requesting identification cards at voting booths.

As for the basically unconstitutional application of regulations and policies of Obama care, now that  alone rates incarceration of  many within the Administration for dereliction of duty and downright fraud. Yet the Senate won’t even work with Congress on getting it repealed.  Kids staying on Mommy’s and Daddy’s insurance tit till 26? Only some one on disability should even think of such a thing. Transferring ones health care from one job to another could easily be handled without inundating the taxpayer with additional costs. What we need is for those unable to afford decent health care to be subsidized for catastrophic medical expenses,  anything less than that they can work out a pay off with Drs. and Hospitals. Also tort reform would reduce the attempts of ambulance chasers to drive perfectly competent Drs. into bankruptcy.

First 100 days of Barack Obama's presidency

First 100 days of Barack Obama’s presidency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Administration would have most of its Appointees in jail and the President impeached if our current crop of so-called journalists and media elites  had the integrity, decency and honesty to pursue the derelictions of President Obama and his cohorts with a quarter of the energy they devoted to driving Dick Nixon out of office.  This Nation cannot survive even three more years of this Administration’s bamboozling of the citizens of this Nation, (citizens of every race, ethnicity and religion) just to satisfy some progressive wet dream.  It seems to me the only ones who understand the threat are the  so-called obstructionists in Congress who are fighting for less government and more personal freedom from Big Government. May their tribe increase before all is lost.

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Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) sitting in his...

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It is evident the powers that be in DC have perfected the art of Dodge Ball,   everybody knows nothing about anything.    They know nothing about
fast and furious, they know nothing about Arab Spring, had no idea the housing
bubble was about to burst, ( Barney Frank even said everything was just fine
with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack).  They neverunderstood what hedge fund managers were up to, (who knew Lehman Brothers couldfail? )  The only one among the FBI big wigs who was suspicious of Arab terrorist’s activity in America was fired and died trying to protect the twin towers on 9/11. And no one,  among the dope soaked members of the Inside the Beltway circle jerk can begin to  explain what they were thinking when they
designed Obama care and  the appalling
investment of tax payer money into nefarious green industries.   And we continue to pay these People.    WHY??????

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