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Obama (Photo credit: NatalieMaynor)

Our mainstream media cover President Obama’s Administration like hysterical groupies panting for an invitation back to Barrack’s hotel room.  Their adulation borders on idolatry.   Not only did they deliberately underplay the importance of our Ambassador and four former American seals killed in Benghazi, Candy Crowley deliberately lied for him at the debates. Then they follow-up with a Television interview where Hillary  and Obama engaged in a mutual love fest congratulating each other on how well they have handled the challenges of their respective offices. Meanwhile no explanation or even questioning on why, despite repeated warnings of the dangers in Libya, they had previously blown off the killings  as an over reaction to some video no one had ever seen. I guess the pundits on CBS, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CNN figure they have too much invested  in this Administration to alert the American People to  how badly  they screwed them with their exercise of free speech,  a free speech most liberals would love to see denied to Conservatives in and out of the tea party.

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