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untitledTo believe that promoting Obamacare is doing God’s work,  you have to believe Government is God and Obama is his Messiah.   Unfortunately the Bible President Obama swore upon doesn’t guide him in Office.

Social Justice isn’t the same as collectivists redistribution of wealth.  You can’t rob Peter to buy Paul’s vote for your political ambitions and say you are doing God’s work.

Christ spoke of individual responsibility, you loving your neighbor, not expecting the Government to do all the loving for you.  Paying taxes doesn’t equate with freely giving of your time and money to aid those less fortunate.   The truth is, for all their talk wealthy Democrats give less to charity than Republicans yet  they claim they are the ones who truly care for their neighbor,  truth is most liberals don’t much care  for their neighbors, their siblings, their families,  the most important consideration is not doing something to show love for their fellow-man but instructing everyone else on how not supporting their bright utopian ideas on saving the world  proves their opponents are evil.

Secularism is basically self-love, “Here’s to thee and Here’s to me may we never disagree, if we do to Hell with You.  Here’s to Me” and justifies its existence by promoting loathing for those who still cling to their guns and Churches the heart of true freedom as put forth in our Declaration of Independence and reinforced with the Constitution.  No wonder President Obama is so contemptuous of both the Constitution and his opponents and thinks pushing Government Programs is doing GOD’s (aka Government of Democrats) work

Also explains why Eric Holder feels free to only enforce the laws he agrees with.  What a bunch of arrogant,  head up their butts, ignorant ideologues we have running this country.  However,  I don’t fear them as much as I do those in this Nation who support them because they run our Universities and Media and thus control what our youth know about America and their fellow citizens .   Unfortunately our students are taught more about Socialist Utopian aspirations then they are about what really made this country work.


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easter egg roll

Holy Week is almost here and brings back memories of my life as a student at a parochial school in Wash. DC.    The area where I lived was called “Little Rome” because of all the seminarians and nuns staying in study houses and convents in the area while they attended Catholic University, and of course there was the National Shrine, dozens of Chapels, St. Anthony’s Church and the Franciscan Monastery.  Lent for the most part was daily mass with my friends and the Stations of the Cross on Friday night and confession on Saturday and no candy or ice cream except on Sunday.   Then Holy Week, mostly quiet except on Holy Thursday when we visited as many Churches and Chapels as we could, which was really a treat since each of them was overflowing with flowers and while wandering from place to place we were bombarded with Springs gift of azaleas, dogwood, forsythia, lilacs, lily of the valley, crocus, tulips, daffodils, and blossoming fruit trees.  Spring in Washington could seem like Camelot.  Easter Sunday, celebration of the Resurrection the essence of Christianity, meant a new hat, dress and shoes, the end of abstinence and fasting noted in a big Sunday Brunch followed by egg rolling on the White House Lawn,  where everyone was welcome.

However, from this distance and in my later years, I view those days not such much with nostalgia but rather as a voyeur would view an alien culture on another planet.     There was such joy and innocence in the celebration of our faith, no suspicion of priests, a little contention from time to time with our nuns, but otherwise a general respect for their choice of vocation.  We followed the Latin Mass and knew all the proper response, in Latin.   We even admitted our sins, acknowledging our own gluttony, sloth, licentiousness, lust, anger, pride, selfishness, envy and any hurt we might have caused others. We practiced abstinence, but for those that had lapses with consequences the Church provided protective homes for unwed mothers, adoption services and orphanages for neglected children.   No one denied their responsibility to honor God and our parents.     We championed virtue but loved the sinner if not the sin.  The cop on the beat was our Buddy many of them graduated from the same schools we attended.  We were not children of privilege, but we always felt privileged. Some of our parents were divorced, working mothers was the norm, mostly teachers, nurses, waitresses, and secretaries.   There were even alcoholic fathers who often struggled to hold a job, but still provided for their families as best they could. Life wasn’t idyllic but it seemed good and well worth celebrating.

I am sure there are pockets where traditional Catholic culture flourishes but it seems the country is mostly secular in their practices and have more faith in Big Government than they do in God.   Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t see many signs that I am.  Perhaps Pope Francis can bring about a revival of respect for the joyous service of God and Man through the Church, we can only hope and pray.  May you have a Happy Easter.

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As we await the grand pronouncement of the latest Committee designed to address our debt, the logical conclusion is that their solution will end up as always, all sorts of tax increases immediately and a tentative offer of cuts in the Government to come later.

When will those tigers of the press the Investigative reporters digging up dirt on Republican candidates get interested in finding an answer to the real question about our debt. WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO!!!!! AFTER ALL THE GOVERNMENT REVENUES WERE CONSUMED THE GOVERNMENT HAS GONE ON TO RUN UP A $14 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT!!!!!

Don’t blame it on Social Security. That fund has been running a surplus for decades.

Can’t blame it on the Defense Dept. All the wars this Nation has ever fought I doubt came close to 14 trillion dollars and let us not forget that providing for a national defense is the only obligation of the Federal Government spelled out in the Constitution.

Can’t blame it on Education, Property taxes have exploded over the years especially since the Federal Government has jumped to the aid of State run schools.

. Infrastructure? Not likely – roads and bridges are falling apart despite the Government taking almost half of all the money paid at the pump by the SUV drivers of this country without counting the fees truckers pay to stay on the road.

Not The Postal Service, they have been cutting back on services and raising prices all my lifetime. I can remember getting mail with twice daily deliveries and one delivery on Sunday and a first class stamp was 3 cents.

Certainly can’t blame the deficit on Smokers, Cigarettes have been taxed into oblivion and smokers don’t take much heath care since they all die early.

The only real truth here is that our debt is the result of Politicians of all stripes who have thrown our tax dollars down a rat hole in order to try and provide for their own job security. If the Democrats want to raise taxes how about they start by demanding the liberal limousine blowhards who say they want to pay more in taxes put up or shut up. Perhaps instead of ripping the rich off in campaign contributions they could close some of the loopholes they so graciously provided to their campaign contributors and apply that to the debt.

Its time Washington DC got off the dole and started worrying about the future of this Nation instead of how best to keep their job, their retirement benefits and their pay raises and if nothing else, for once and all stop scamming the American taxpayers, When half the workers in this Nation don’t pay any income taxes while demanding more and more benefits it’s time to stop talking about people paying their fair share and start seeing to it that not only do all citizens pay their fair share but those responsible for spending tax dollars use it to benefit all citizens not just themselves and those that keep them in power. Robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is not social justice it is highway robbery and whatever one thinks of the tea party, they at least are smart enough to know they are being scammed and they aren’t yet too afraid of their own Government to say so

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