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Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

Does President Obama prevaricate or  lie? Is he disingenuous, or actually  stupid?  Or is he just deliberately  ignorant of how his Administration works.? As Hillary would say “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE’!!!!!!

The affordable health care program has obviously been a fraud from its inception..  No one really read it because they didn’t need too.  The big secret is that the program was designed to fail from the beginning and the Democrats were in on the scam.  No one  wanted to read it and then have to say they were in on the joke played on the American People.

Why would I say this? I say this  because it is becoming more and more apparent that the whole point of shoving this program down America’s throats was to destroy the private insurance companies so that America would beg the Government to provide Universal Health Care for them.  You think I am making this up,  well then explain why supposedly otherwise brilliant people would take three years to develop a software program they knew would fail then insist on putting it up on the web anyway.   Why would they make regulations demanding the Insurance companies change their plans,  pretend they didn’t know millions would lose their plans because of their regulations,  then try and blame the Insurance companies for having changed their plans and insist they change them back – no insurance company can survive this kind of manipulations, and this Administration knew that from the beginning.

President Obama talks about phony scandals but there was nothing phony about Benghazi except for the President’s rationalizations about the attack, there was nothing phony about the IRS targeting members of the Taxed Enough Already Party except the Administrations excuses for having developed such a policy , there was nothing phony about the Justice Department going after a Fox reporter except the dodges that the Administration took to escape responsibility for criminally pursuing a reporter for doing his job.  And there was nothing phony about Republicans trying to repeal OBAMACARE,  it was OBMACARE itself that was PHONY!

This Administration’s Czars may not be brilliant but they are too clever by half and obviously will use any tactic to accomplish the fulfillment of their utopian wet dream. We have an administration that believes Government is God and you shall not put any other God’s before them. their ethics are those professed by  Communists,  namely situation ethics – which in essence states  “In any given situation what ever I do to advance my own interests is ethical” thus you can lie, cheat, steal from the people and call it social justice.

Robbing Peter to buy Paul’s votes is not social justice.  And what ever some teachers from Notre Dame might believe Jesus did not support BIG Government.  He did not believe Government was responsible for taking care of our Neighbor in need,  Jesus preached that  we individually thru personal sacrifice for our own salvation were expected to look to the needs of  our fellow-man.

I don’t know what it will take for ordinary people to realize that they only suffer greatly under all large central governments such as those of  Caesar, Napoleon, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and now   Obama —–Bloated,  centralized  Governments such as Obama is creating with his plan to dramatically change America  is not your friend,  never was your friend, never will be your friend.  Big centralized government is  all about Power for Control Freaks who could care less about anyone but themselves.


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Development of debt ceiling from 1990. Source:...

Development of debt ceiling from 1990. Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/budget/fy2012/assets/hist07z3.xls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somebody explain to me the point of a debt ceiling if you just keep raising it when the Progressives want to spend more money.

Why the tea party is called a bunch of freaks when all they want to do is live within our means,  while those who want to spend us into oblivion and sentence our children and grandchildren to the role of  indentured servants of a constantly expanding  federal government are considered rational reasonable practical politicians.

It seems to me the biggest problem this nation faces is that through its education system most of our citizens have become  convenient tools of those who favor an ever-expanding federal Government dedicated to nothing other than redistributing the wealth of the Nation until there is no more wealth to redistribute.  It seems most of our media is not capable of individual thought,  and are but parrots constantly repeating the progressive party line.   When our educators no longer educate but indoctrinate, and our free press is nothing other than pampered  pets of  progressive politicians constantly begging the Government for a bone there is little hope of an electorate who can make rational and intelligent choices necessary for self governance.  Unfortunately we have become exactly what our forefathers tried so hard to save us from becoming, and we brought it all on  ourselves.,  or at least some did,  and only the tea party is sounding the alarm and they are considered kooks.  Give me a break

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Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

The prevailing ideology today is not so much liberal or libertarian but libertine.

We have a thousand and one politically correct guidelines, and a million and one federal regulation to see we abide by the morals of Great God Government but when it comes to reality of  truth or morality hey no rules, no guidelines, anything goes and religious injunctions, other than those enforced by Islamic Dictators are considered irrelevant by the so called informed academics, politicians and media moguls.

Criticize a Muslim or their actions, death to the infidel!!!

Kill a Christian and you might get a slap on the hands in the UN, even a mention on page 40 of our leading Newspapers, or a mention in passing on CNN. Nothing of much note from the Administration ——might upset some of their Muslim supporters.

It does seem the one thing that this Administration and the Media elite can seem to agree on is that Conservatives, especially Conservative Christians are ideological kooks or extremists of the first order and the only terrorists this nation needs to fear.  It seems no one can hear the sound of our founding fathers turning over in their graves while they continue to push the future of our children into one of decadence and indentured servants of the Government

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English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral...

English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory speech on Election Night ´08, in Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I almost feel sorry for President Obama, except that his fiddling while Syria burned brought this newest foreign policy dilemma on our Nation.

At this point its hell if he does and hell if he doesn’t with no win, win available to any of the participants, least of all the US and Israel. At least the Iraq war did get rid of a cruel despot who we know bombed his own people with gas. I don’t so much care about this President saving face, but I do care that he doesn’t do anything to exacerbate the risks the US now faces because of the uprisings in the Mid East. We have ridden in this rodeo before and without much success to brag about.

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English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral...

English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory speech on Election Night ´08, in Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Headlines,  Plan B available to females  of any age. Considered of course a sensible way of preventing children from being born to children. Generally it had been the parents responsiblity to see to it their children didn’t have an opportunity to reproduce. Of course children remain children in today’s world until they are 26 for insurance purposes only, supposedly.   In my day most of my friends had a job,and  were married with kids by the time they were twenty-one, they didn’t enjoy the luxury of lollygagging around a college campus for the better part of their young adulthood than rallying in protest for  having to pay off   the debt they ran up.

This nation is getting to a point where we will have more abortions than live births, and more single mothers than two parent heterosexual families. What happened. Well of course the drug sex rock and roll sixties, the feminist movement, and the gay rights agenda happened, but what made these movements so popular?

Is it that most of us simply wanted to escape from the restraints and restrictions of a society that respected contractual agreements, believed in meeting ones obligations without complaint or compromise, and trusted in the handshake and accepted a man’s word as truth. believed in God more than they did Government and would be chagrined  to have their personal lives exposed to all and sundry and also  accepted that  morals were not just for the simple-minded and that you should practice what you preached.

Now everyone is upset about the Government collecting information about their phone calls and e-mails, hey we have thrown our lives into the public arena of the internet – some to keep up with distant friends and family, some to have a launching pad for their self promotion, and others for many  different  reasons, and then we expected that a bloated bureaucracy often with little to do but find reasons for expanding their budget would jump on board  the phenomenon as a way to manipulate and intimidate the public?

President Obama promised to dramatically change this Nation  and he has fulfilled his goal to a degree that surprised some , but let’s face it  he couldn’t have been so successful if we the people hadn’t already laid the groundwork or negligently let others do it for us.

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united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

I am torn with the mega data collections.  Normally I would say hey anything to rid this country of terrorists is for the good,  but with current revelations about the long arm of this Administration,  I must say its hard not to be concerned about this much information all in one spot just waiting for someone to harvest it.

All we can depend on in this day of overly abusive and intrusive Government is ourselves.   Anyone damaged by this MEGA DATA Collection needs to shout out loud and clear to a Congressman or the Press or just stand on a street corner and attract the police.

It is obvious this Administration intends to protect its agenda and its legacy, not by presenting arguments to support its positions but by destroying those who would offer any counter argument or in any way interfere with its plans to drastically change America.

I think the collection of mega data can be justified,  allowing that data to be available for the purpose of intimidating and prosecution of ones political enemies should be a great big NO NO!!!!!  However, with so much of the media  in bed with this Administration we have lost one  important watch dog of our freedoms, all we have left is ourselves and like-minded organizations that can monitor Washington and its bureaucrats.  Be Alert,  the world needs all the lerts it can get.

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Constitution of the United States of America

The country is drowning in debt,  the real jobless rate is actually better than 10 percent if anyone could be honest about it. We are governed by an  Administration that is willing to blow billions on their bundling buddies despite knowing full well that they  are up to their eyeballs in  alternate energy  frauds while the very same bureaucrats attempt to block every attempt to actually utilize this Nations energy resources which in addition to improving energy costs would improve jobs.  Then our President, purportedly a  Constitutional scholar  sworn to defend this same Constitution,  arrogantly lectures the Supreme Court about what they should and should not decide  in order to protect his failed policies.  Then  in order to win re-election, Obama the magician and his cheerleaders add insult to injury by  trying to distract us from the real problems we face by creating phony wars over free contraceptives, the gay agenda, who loves dogs more, and  Romney’s HS prank of cutting some kids hair instead of following the cool dude’s teen age lead of staying stoned and skipping school. .    It should be  obvious to even the most big government addicted voter that this Administration primary concern is expanding their own political power.  Is it possible anyone is so ignorant in this country they don’t understand that this President,his entourage and sycophants  don’t care what effect their ambitions have on the prosperity of our  citizens as long as they have the power to dictate  our future?

Can we just concede that  sexual addicts should pay for their own condoms,  gays can claim the benefits of marriage even though  their sexual activities do nothing to advance traditional family values or contribute to securing survival of this or any other society. Furthermore,  I would think we could  all agree  heterosexuals have done more to destroy the sanctity of marriage with their adulteries, abortions, child abuse, divorces and just poor parenting than any happily consorting homosexuals can do by seeking the blessing of the state  on their connubial bliss and even the most devout Christian should be able to accept that a  civil marriage license is not a sacramental, except. of course, in the minds of  liberation theologians that believe Government is God and no other God should be honored.

That said,  can we just get back to an honest debate on the really important issue of the future of this Nation which is whether or not our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doomed to  end up as nothing more than indentured servants of an ever-expanding  Federal Government.  Social Justice is not robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote,  it is achieved by practicing virtue and embracing integrity while  honoring our Constitution and the traditional religious values upon which the best of our Nation’s basic guidelines were based.  True some of our founding fathers owned slaves but that was then,  now we are faced with either  sustaining  an Administration that wants to make slaves of us all for reasons only they can know or replacing it with an Administration that seeks to preserve fundamental financial principles of fiscal responsiblity which has allowed our citizens to prosper following their own free choices while providing an admirable safety net for even the most disadvantaged.  We have a choice still,  lets not blow it for future generations.

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We have waited three years for some kind of rational response from this White House to the need for jobs,  answers for the housing industry a way out of the debt situation and all we get is smoke and mirrors or a dog and pony show (take your pick) whose only purpose is to try and grab four  more years of power.  I agree we can’t wait for next years elections lets impeach him now.

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