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Remember when President Obama referred to the Benghazi muck up as a bump in the road? Maybe his adoring sycophants in the Media should be made to read this poem. The narcissistic self-indulgent kindergarten brats in this Administration could use a little water indoctrination, maybe then we might get some truth out of them
bengazi boys

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Obama_Brat_Pack (Photo credit: Floyd Brown)

Where are the adults. Anyone who has ever had a five-year old pitch a fit in public because Daddy wouldn’t buy him another bag of candy would certainly find our Presidents reaction to the sequester familiar. Whaaaaaaa, I want more money, forget the trillions I already borrowed, I need more, or I’ll take my marbles and go home then you’ll be sorry.

According to the kindergarten logic of our President it is unconstitutional to deny him more revenue. I’ll show you, whines President Brat Obama I will push your kids out of the White House while they are on spring break, I’ll furlough traffic controllers so I can watch you fuss and fume about delays in our Nation’s airports, and as for military families lets see I bet I could muck up military deployments just to double the trouble you have. But don’t blame your Petulant President this is all the fault of those nasty people in Congress who wouldn’t let me steal anymore from those rich kids down the block.

This Administration needs to grow up before they can play with the Adults in Congress, they need to realize that when you play with the hose and flood the yard, then jump into a puddle and start throwing mud, you are the one who ends up needing a bath.

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America God Bless Flag

America God Bless Flag (Photo credit: cobalt123)

God Bless the people of Boston, they stayed on message and worked with the police and caught those idiot brothers in record time.

From the little we have learned of these two, sounds like somebody has been messing with their minds for quite a while. There doesn’t seem to be any other rationale for two pretty privileged kids to have marched off to take the lead in a terrorist parade. These morons have obviously been indoctrinated by someone and that someone is who we need to track down and put away. And as for the media war against Christian Conservatives get off our backs  and focus on the real problem in this country loonies who think they have something to complain about while they enjoy all the benefits of living in one of the most accommodating and compassionate Nations in the World.

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English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talk about a temper tantrum throwing four-year old, yesterday our Petulant President revealed a side of himself most knew about but tried to keep from the voters. When he lashed out at not only Republicans but his fellow Democrats who refused to go along in the Senate with his Gun Control Agenda, we got a real glimpse of the spoiled brat that is Obama. He pushed his Gun control policies full throttle and used every tool he had at hand, including the grieving parents of Sandy Hook, yet the Senate told him to take a hike and put his stupid ideas about saving our children from crazies gone berserk back where they belong — his trash bag of pc poop.

This is a man who has known too much unwarranted adulation from the press and the public. He gives good speech but his policies are anathema to all but control freaks on the left whose only quarrel with the Administration is that they are not carrying out the Maoist agenda promised; wealth is not so much being redistributed as swallowed up by a greedy Federal Government and their capitalist cronies.  Hey all you devotees of Marxism, President Obama has done all he can to meet your demands, unfortunately for you and him there are still a few people left in Congress that follow their conscience not the so-called PC dictates of our effete elites in Academia, Hollywood and the Media.

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Marathon bombing response [Image 1 of 5]

Marathon bombing response [Image 1 of 5] (Photo credit: DVIDSHUB)

May Boston soon recover from the Marathon Bombings, but let none of us forget we are all vulnerable. There seems to be no shortage of loonies willing to destroy others to make some point. Who knows which set of bomb lovers produced this one.

America has been fortunate in this regard. Bombings of all kinds have been a daily part of life for so many in other countries, England, Russia, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan but rare in the United States. Hopefully the miscreants responsible for the Boston bombings will soon be behind bars, but the haters are out there and it is almost impossible to know where they will strike next. In many ways it would be better if this latest tragedy was the product of our known international enemies they are easier to track. But let us no drop our guard or lose our courage, this too will end, we will prevail and Boston Marathons will continue.

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English: Jane Fonda and her husband Ted Turner...

English: Jane Fonda and her husband Ted Turner at the International Leonardo Prize, Moscow, 1993 Русский: Международная Леонардо-премия (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Normally I do not support boycotts but when it comes to Jane Fonda I am willing to make an exception.

Her trip to Hanoi and insults to our POWs didn’t upset me so much, I lived through the love affair the Oscar crowd had with Uncle Joe Stalin, and let’s face it, chasing after tyrants and dictators for a photo op is de rigueur for La La Land celebs (Sean Penn with Chavez for example) and of course Che Guevara T-Shirts are haute couture for the effete elite on both coasts. What really riled me was her phony apology; “I am sorry you peons are so stupid you can’t appreciate why I did what I did”. Some apology! Of course her words were more subtle and polished but we got the message, “Anyone who disapproves of me can go take a long hike off a short pier” or just disappear in the surf as the Vietnam Veteran did in Coming Home.

What also irks me are the accolades she gets for her acting. She didn’t need to act to pull off those sex scenes in Klute that was just Jane being Jane. As far as I am concerned she is throwback to the days of silent film when the stars gestured their joys and sorrows to their audiences while a pianist tickled the ivories in the background. Jane happy… tinkle, tinkle, plink; Jane sad… plunk, plink, plunk; Jane having an orgasm plunk, plunk ta daaaaa. She is good at what she does but so is your average porn star and they don’t make millions per hour.

I do wonder however how someone as shallow, plastic and self absorbed as Ms. Fonda will convey the deep abiding love Nancy had for Ron, doesn’t seem to me she has much to draw on. But that’s her problem.

So on with your boycott Proud  Warriors of that “drug, sex rock and roll, and while we’re at it lets protest the war era.” My dear departed husband, a proud Vietnam Vet will cheer you from on high and I will save my widows mite for the next Nemo. What joy to watch a film where I can be entertained by some truly animated characters and enjoy a clever fantasy instead of wasting my money on another Hollywood propaganda flick posing as a documentary.

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Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the lobby of ...

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the lobby of the theater immediately after the conclusion of the telecast of the 62nd Academy Awards (Jane is holding Ted Turner’s arm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Redford is at it again, selling our Celeb Elites version of Patriotism, known by the rest of us as Terrorism. International mass killers such as Castro are admired by the likes of Baba Wawa who nearly had an on air orgasm after interviewing him years ago, or Ho Chi Minh lauded by Jane Fonda while she criticized our POWS insinuating they got what they deserved in the Hanoi Hilton, and let us not forget the love affair Hollywood had with Uncle Joe Stalin. Che Guevera and the recently departed Chavez have a bevy of cheerleaders in the Oscar crowd. While we’re at it how about Mao who is revered not only in Hollywood but within this Administration. Why are these mass murderers adulated by so many in La La Land and academia while at the same time these same champions of all that is left gleefully tramp on our second amendment rights because lone loonies decide to go on a shooting spree? Now we have a movie celebrating the new saints of the Church of Secularism our residue of drug, sex, rock and roll addicts as well as 60’s bombing enthusiasts such as Billy Ayers, Linda Evans, and Bernadine Dorn ad nausea.
Redford of course has an ongoing love affair with all sorts of causes. Remember “Save the Redwoods” when self anointed intellectuals gathered at their 5000 sq ft Log Homes surrounded by acres of redwood decks for brie and Chablis to discuss the plight of our forests and complain about gravel pits as they traveled to these mountain palaces on paved roads. Aaaah yes, we should have a special title for these self adulating guardians of our conscience such as Hypocrites Galore. Maybe if they ever took some time off from examining the national conscience they might develop one of their own.

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