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Before Obama’s re-election campaign gets too deep into attacking Romney’s business acumen they should first be aware they may be digging their own grave when it comes to cursing vulture capitalism.

Let us take a brief stroll back to the 1990’s when the darling of Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton, recommended Bobby Ray Inman to be his Secretary of Defense; Bobby Ray Inman gave leveraged buyouts its bad name. Thanks to his manipulations he almost destroyed one of the leading American Defense Contractors, Tracor Flight Systems, while enlarging his own portfolio by millions of dollars – which in 90’s dollars counted for something.http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1993-12-27/news/9312270054_1_bobby-ray-inman-social-security-nannygate

There is little connection between using private capital to invest in American companies for profit and leveraged buyouts for personal financial gain. The Democrats should know they invented the game and Merrill Lynch profited greatly from such shenanigans

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Univ of Chicago campus

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Seems the occupy crowd consists mainly of college educated citizens of privilege crying foul at the pile of money padding the lifestylkes  of the idle rich.  I  believe their crazy approach to solving the nation’s financial problems can be explained by their being college educated with little connection to real life among the non elite.   If they want to protest against elitist ripping off the average citizen, hey, they need look no further than their own college campuses. You want to attack real frauds, take a look at Tenured professors who are barely recognized by the student body since they hardly ever appear in a classroom, and then when they do its mostly to preach  secularist utopian concepts instead of teaching anything useful to the students.  Yet the universities charge an arm and a leg to provide the great privilege for students to catch a glance of a professor at a book signing or a CSPAN special organized by the University.   As they used to say at Notre Dame,  what is the difference between God and the Univ.  President,  Fr. Hesburgh,  God is everywhere,  Hesberg is everywhere but Notre Dame.   As with most Univ. Administrators who divide their time between TV interviews,  International Conferences and Poking their nose into the policy fights in DC.

Attacking the rich with an angry mob of know nothings may seem a great political move by our current Maoist Administration but for anyone that would like to see this Nation provide a bright future for ones children and grandchildren I recommend the following video on UTube  <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=JY8LKII_MNA&amp;feature=youtube_gdata_player</a>   The logic of the premise presented in the video  may not  penetrate the drug soaked brains of  those within the elitist circles of political power brokers in DC or our major east and west coast cities, but it could turn this country around if it ever did.

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United States Capitol

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The President‘s pronouncements on reductions in the Defense Budget got prime time exposure from our media moguls.  I suppose we should be pleased to see this Administration is taking some steps to reduce Defense Spending, You’d think they were seriously concerned about our financial situation.

I doubt it; if they take the typical progressive view towards the deficit they will reduce Defense Spending and use the savings to increase spending in some damn Utopian boondoggle that will ultimately require raising the debt limit again.  Of course as reported in the Washington Post the debt limit could automatically rise this year to 16 Trillion thanks to the manipulations of this Administration and its minions in the Senate and the House,

All the President needs to do is request the increase and if Congress doesn’t vote him down within 15 days —-   whoopee off we go on another spending spree.   And if Congress happens to be out of session when he makes his request – guess what– it doesn’t matter they either step up within 15 days or President Obama gets a go light.

Another thing we can depend on is that the only cuts this Administration will make will be in Defense.  Not that Defense couldn’t stand some trimming but it probably is the not the most proliferate waster of the taxpayers money and lest we forget, providing for a Common Defense is one of the very few Constitutional obligations of the Federal Government.

Most of the other Departments are operating on the very questionable premise that they can handle certain problems better than individual states.

This whole Administration is a farce but changing administrations won’t solve the problem, only a complete reeducation of large segments of this Nation’s citizens will enable responsible leaders to keep this sinking ship afloat until we can make all necessary repairs.

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