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Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

The prevailing ideology today is not so much liberal or libertarian but libertine.

We have a thousand and one politically correct guidelines, and a million and one federal regulation to see we abide by the morals of Great God Government but when it comes to reality of  truth or morality hey no rules, no guidelines, anything goes and religious injunctions, other than those enforced by Islamic Dictators are considered irrelevant by the so called informed academics, politicians and media moguls.

Criticize a Muslim or their actions, death to the infidel!!!

Kill a Christian and you might get a slap on the hands in the UN, even a mention on page 40 of our leading Newspapers, or a mention in passing on CNN. Nothing of much note from the Administration ——might upset some of their Muslim supporters.

It does seem the one thing that this Administration and the Media elite can seem to agree on is that Conservatives, especially Conservative Christians are ideological kooks or extremists of the first order and the only terrorists this nation needs to fear.  It seems no one can hear the sound of our founding fathers turning over in their graves while they continue to push the future of our children into one of decadence and indentured servants of the Government


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English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When will the mainstream media us give us Who, What, Where and When instead of White House Spin.

We have a great recovery going on according to the mainstream media, yet more people are on food stamps and disability payments. And every day I run into people complaining about the trouble they are having finding decent work.

Obama care a debacle yet all we hear about is how happy the uninsured are with their new-found benefits

There is no inflation according to the Mainstream Media, but every time I go shopping I am paying a lot more for a lot less.

Benghazi was just a bump in the road, no one was to blame, no coverup, what a bunch of malarkey and yet that is the party line so our talking heads  focus on Obama’s promise all, blame Republicans, do nothing oratory.

Seems our watch dog press has lost it nose for news and is reduced to doing nothing more than snapping at Republicans to earn their keep.

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Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What difference does it make.? The whole point of Hillary Clinton, the Queen of misdirection and obfuscation, appearing before the Committee investigating Benghazi was to find out who knew what when so The Senate could make recommendations and perhaps enact legislation that would prevent any more deaths of Americans by terrorists while in foreign countries. That’s why it makes a difference as to what the Secretary of State and President Obama knew and when they knew it. What a difference it would make if we had people of integrity leading this country. The the most idolized leaders of the Democrats are all disbarred lawyers. President Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton. I guarantee they did not lose their license to practice law because of their integrity, Of course Democrats still fawn on them as does the Media. And Hillary gets rave reviews for once again dodging a bullet. It is not that she is so competent, it’s that Republican Senators lack her chutzpah

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U.S Postage Stamp, 1957

Image via Wikipedia

It didn’t take long for the slime side of this Administration and its sycophants in Congress and the Media to drown this political campaign in its smarmy, smelly ooze.

Obama’s mandate to Catholic Bishops was a direct and masterful political manipulation. The mandate removed forever any pretense that Progressives believed this Administration had any obligation to respect freedom of religion. Pretending that President Obama had caved to the Bishops and that Insurance Companies would be responsible for the monetary obligation of this mandate did nothing to alleviate the ultimate object of the mandate, namely the destruction of religious freedoms. To now pretend that Catholic leaders started a war with Obama over women’s contraceptive practices instead of recognizing that these leaders were defending the Church’s teachings from censorship by a secular government is a classic case of the communists’ tactic of controlling the masses through misdirection.
President Obama started this war for the sole purpose of sliming Republicans with this misrepresentation of their response to this dictatorial display of power. It was their plan all along to frighten women back into their fold by feigning a concern that Republicans would snatch away contraceptive privileges. The Congressional hearing Thursday was not for the purpose of presenting men’s views on contraception as claimed by President Obama’s cohorts in Congress and within the media, rather it was a presentation of the views of religious leaders to attacks on their right to freely practice and defend their religious beliefs from a increasingly anti-religious Administration, an administration that will say and do anything to maintain power and has shown its willingness to use the Constitution as little more than a convent rag in which to wantonly wrap its excess hubris

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Univ of Chicago campus

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Seems the occupy crowd consists mainly of college educated citizens of privilege crying foul at the pile of money padding the lifestylkes  of the idle rich.  I  believe their crazy approach to solving the nation’s financial problems can be explained by their being college educated with little connection to real life among the non elite.   If they want to protest against elitist ripping off the average citizen, hey, they need look no further than their own college campuses. You want to attack real frauds, take a look at Tenured professors who are barely recognized by the student body since they hardly ever appear in a classroom, and then when they do its mostly to preach  secularist utopian concepts instead of teaching anything useful to the students.  Yet the universities charge an arm and a leg to provide the great privilege for students to catch a glance of a professor at a book signing or a CSPAN special organized by the University.   As they used to say at Notre Dame,  what is the difference between God and the Univ.  President,  Fr. Hesburgh,  God is everywhere,  Hesberg is everywhere but Notre Dame.   As with most Univ. Administrators who divide their time between TV interviews,  International Conferences and Poking their nose into the policy fights in DC.

Attacking the rich with an angry mob of know nothings may seem a great political move by our current Maoist Administration but for anyone that would like to see this Nation provide a bright future for ones children and grandchildren I recommend the following video on UTube  <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=JY8LKII_MNA&amp;feature=youtube_gdata_player</a>   The logic of the premise presented in the video  may not  penetrate the drug soaked brains of  those within the elitist circles of political power brokers in DC or our major east and west coast cities, but it could turn this country around if it ever did.

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English: A comparison of Democratic and Republ...

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President Obama may be cunning, loquacious, Harvard Graduate and an amazing community organizer, is he also intelligent? As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on that one. Actually, there are many ways of judging intelligence; it seems to me those considered brilliant by journalists wallowing around the fetid swamps Inside the Beltway couldn’t find their butt in the dark with a flashlight.

A President of the United States doesn’t need to be a self anointed intellectual elite to lead this Nation well. He does need to know who to look to for advice, and be smart enough not to call in a Brain Surgeon when what he needs is a plumber or a Rocket Scientist when he needs an electrician or a Professor when he needs an accountant. President Obama like most Progressive elites thinks all this Nation’s problems can be solved by Lawyers, Word Merchants and Social Workers. That isn’t smart, that’s dumb, and unfortunately for President Obama most Americans realize that isn’t smart.

He might think it brave, and visionary to drive this country over a cliff financially in order to bring forth his version of Utopia, but your average tea party participant doesn’t want to go along on that ride nor do most Republicans and Sarah Palin by contrast to President Obama is looking better and better every day.

If the Progressives in this Country continue to try to shove their agenda down the throats of the average American citizen we very well may have another civil war and I don’t think it’s foreordained that the Union will win. What could kick it off would be for California to demand the rest of the country including Texas to bail them out. California is the Socialist Utopian Dream and the best and the brightest are pulling up stakes and heading for anywhere but there as fast as they can pack.

Left to his own devices it is becoming more and more apparent that Obama would like the entire country to be just like California, is there no one among the dope soaked so-called intellectual elite of this Nation smart enough to realize there is poison in that Utopian Kool Aid? Everyone is so upset with the current impasse in Washington between Democrats and Republicans and most of the media seems bent on blaming it all on the Republicans. Hey, bi-partisanship is a two-way street, after eight years of Bush Bashing there is a lot of fence mending that needs to be done before any one on the right will believe there isn’t a hidden dagger up every Democrats sleeve, including President Obama’s and most Republicans tend to favor a cautious approach when it comes to accepting the siren call of that charlatan.

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Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala, in Manhattan...

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As I understand it  President Obama, a community organizer ala Sol Alinsky, abstains more than he votes while in the Illinois Legislature, and helps construct well paying jobs for his wife,  then spends most of his first term  in the US Senate running for President  meantime Sarah Palin runs a household gives birth,  helps her husband in his fishing business,  handles the business of a small town as its mayor,  and runs the State of Alaska as its Governor, and continues to give support and care to her son during his service in Iraq.  .     However, according to  Major Media Pundits Sarah is stupid and Pres.  Obama is Brilliant.  It is pretty obvious that the only reason Sarah is considered to be an empty vessel is that she refused to swallow the Socialist Utopian Kool-Aid or the revisionist history espoused by critics of the Bush Administration.    However, Sarah knows that Navy Corpsmen are not called Corpse Men.    Apparently its just not chic to consider Republicans intellectually endowed –   after all no conservative  ever saw the beauty of the arguments for Stalin style socialism (i.e. one has to break a few eggs to make an omelet) as did so many of the so called mental giants among the liberal democrats. .  Thank God.

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