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George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Them Dems are just kicking up Dust again with their faux concern over corrupt capitalists and wealthy entrepreneurs.  Watching the bloated gobblers of Wall Street MONEY jumping up and down on Romney’s back because of his millions and connection to Bain would be funny if it weren’t so damned smarmy

Bitching about Bain and Romney belies the Democrats and progressive Republicans embrace of the Kennedy clan, Kerry, Franklin Roosevelt, the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, and other obscenely wealthy Democrats.

As for venture capitalist,   Bain at least was financed by investors with much skin in the game,  unlike Westmark and other leverage buyout artists the Democrats lauded during the Clinton Administration,  The very same sanctimonious Progressives critics of Bain tried to make Bobby Ray Inman Secretary of Defense knowing full well that he was a major player in the larceny known as the leverage buyout of Tracor, a major Defense Contractor by Westmark. For those who may have forgotten Westmark with the aid of Merrill and Lynch leveraged  a  fortune five hundred defense contractor , Tracor, to the edge of bankruptcy after selling off Tracor assists to pay for the interest on the loans they had laid on the Company in their buy out , meanwhile Bobby Inman paid himself millions for his participation in managing Tracor after the buyout before he bailed.

It isn’t just that Chicago politics is so vicious; it’s also deceitful and often downright vulgar.  President Obama has got to go.

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Constitution of the United States of America

The country is drowning in debt,  the real jobless rate is actually better than 10 percent if anyone could be honest about it. We are governed by an  Administration that is willing to blow billions on their bundling buddies despite knowing full well that they  are up to their eyeballs in  alternate energy  frauds while the very same bureaucrats attempt to block every attempt to actually utilize this Nations energy resources which in addition to improving energy costs would improve jobs.  Then our President, purportedly a  Constitutional scholar  sworn to defend this same Constitution,  arrogantly lectures the Supreme Court about what they should and should not decide  in order to protect his failed policies.  Then  in order to win re-election, Obama the magician and his cheerleaders add insult to injury by  trying to distract us from the real problems we face by creating phony wars over free contraceptives, the gay agenda, who loves dogs more, and  Romney’s HS prank of cutting some kids hair instead of following the cool dude’s teen age lead of staying stoned and skipping school. .    It should be  obvious to even the most big government addicted voter that this Administration primary concern is expanding their own political power.  Is it possible anyone is so ignorant in this country they don’t understand that this President,his entourage and sycophants  don’t care what effect their ambitions have on the prosperity of our  citizens as long as they have the power to dictate  our future?

Can we just concede that  sexual addicts should pay for their own condoms,  gays can claim the benefits of marriage even though  their sexual activities do nothing to advance traditional family values or contribute to securing survival of this or any other society. Furthermore,  I would think we could  all agree  heterosexuals have done more to destroy the sanctity of marriage with their adulteries, abortions, child abuse, divorces and just poor parenting than any happily consorting homosexuals can do by seeking the blessing of the state  on their connubial bliss and even the most devout Christian should be able to accept that a  civil marriage license is not a sacramental, except. of course, in the minds of  liberation theologians that believe Government is God and no other God should be honored.

That said,  can we just get back to an honest debate on the really important issue of the future of this Nation which is whether or not our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doomed to  end up as nothing more than indentured servants of an ever-expanding  Federal Government.  Social Justice is not robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote,  it is achieved by practicing virtue and embracing integrity while  honoring our Constitution and the traditional religious values upon which the best of our Nation’s basic guidelines were based.  True some of our founding fathers owned slaves but that was then,  now we are faced with either  sustaining  an Administration that wants to make slaves of us all for reasons only they can know or replacing it with an Administration that seeks to preserve fundamental financial principles of fiscal responsiblity which has allowed our citizens to prosper following their own free choices while providing an admirable safety net for even the most disadvantaged.  We have a choice still,  lets not blow it for future generations.

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bob inman 1

Image by Mr. Wright via Flickr

Before Obama’s re-election campaign gets too deep into attacking Romney’s business acumen they should first be aware they may be digging their own grave when it comes to cursing vulture capitalism.

Let us take a brief stroll back to the 1990’s when the darling of Democratic Presidents, Bill Clinton, recommended Bobby Ray Inman to be his Secretary of Defense; Bobby Ray Inman gave leveraged buyouts its bad name. Thanks to his manipulations he almost destroyed one of the leading American Defense Contractors, Tracor Flight Systems, while enlarging his own portfolio by millions of dollars – which in 90’s dollars counted for something.http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1993-12-27/news/9312270054_1_bobby-ray-inman-social-security-nannygate

There is little connection between using private capital to invest in American companies for profit and leveraged buyouts for personal financial gain. The Democrats should know they invented the game and Merrill Lynch profited greatly from such shenanigans

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A silver Miniature Poodle stacked.

Image via Wikipedia

The Republicans seem to baffle the Media with their reluctance to hand over the primary to Mitt Romney.

The pundits both Democrat and Republican have made all sorts of suggestions as to why this is to their minds untenable. After all Romney is the only responsible choice in the minds of the mainstream media and their moguls. However, to my mind to choose Romney to combat Obama would be the same as sending a miniature poodle to attack a pack of jackals. Now with Gingrich you are looking at putting a bulldog in a pen of peacocks. The choice is obvious to me – give us the bulldog.

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