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Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Compromise by the Democrats can best be understood in the context of an old poem attibuted to Harry Truman’s administration.  ” The election is over,   and time has come to pass,   I’ll hug your elephant if you’ll kist my ass”.

Compromise in Democrat terms means all accept their demands for more taxes and more spending,  Anything less is a pure irrational refusal to come to any agreement because of racist, chauvinist and extremist on  the conservative right,   including both the tea party and christian conservatives.  Of course extremist on the Left are considered moderately left of center by the media.

Barney Frank loves to  brag about how Democrats comprimised with Bush. Of course,  Bush simply presented them with programs that expanded the federal government and for this some Democrats went along with his tax cutting, and they have been complaining ever since.

Conservatives have gone to war with the Democrats for decades fighting for smaller government and less taxing and what have they achieved –  an ever larger government ,  more spending and a 16 trillion plus debt.  The Democrats idea of a spending cut is to cut back on the planned increases in Government spending

Maybe it would be a good thing to go over the cliff.  maybe then voters will realize for a change there really isn’t a Santa Claus Virginia and Government isn’t God.

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