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Take God out of Schools and Evil Rushes In.   There is so much discussion of how to prevent a Newtown massacre.   When we declare to our communities that all is relative and that there is no good or evil – just choice, is it any wonder those already mentally disturbed make inappropriate choices in order to voice their frustrations?   Not every mentally disturbed individual is destined to be a mass murderer but odds are when we set people up to adopt situation ethics as their spiritual guide we will see them act in any situation as if anything they do to serve their own interests is ethical,  twisted thinking leads to bizarre behavior especially in  those struggling with psychotic delusions.  If we are to save our children from such monsters,  we first must let them know evil is always close by looking for opportunities to invade our lives,  the only solution is not to just preach love but practice it.   We cannot eliminate evil or vote it out of existence but we can combat it with lives dedicated to doing good and not suffering or honoring  those who  confuse good and evil, love and lust, justice and injustice. .

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English: Barack Obama Speaks to College Democrats

English: Barack Obama Speaks to College Democrats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whee,   Whoopee!!   That’s  the sound of Democrats going over  the cliff.  Actually Conservatives were thrown  off that cliff a long time ago with our last mutually agreed to debt increase.  We have committed our children to the role of indentured servants to an ever-expanding Federal Government.  We need to provide them with parachutes now that our embrace of the secularist progressive agenda has caught up to us. 

The biggest parachute we can provide is the truth. Let us thow back the curtain of self-interest and reveal to our children the real fundamental truth about President Obama’s reform.   This country has sold its soul to entitlement programs and federal assistance.  We have confused liberty with licentiousness.  We have treated the Constitution as a piece of toilet paper.  We have traded traditional values in for a ticket on the Utopian  train of wet dreams.  The only hope we have to regain pride in self and country is to recognize as a nation that President Obama’s pledge to dramatically reform America is nothing other than a demagogic crusade to sublimate our people to the progressive secular agenda of the political left overs from the drug, sex, rock and roll narcissists of the 60’s.  Most of whom seem to have ended up in Academia, the mainstream media and of course Democrat politics.

The battle has been lost but there is still a war to be won,  if for no other reason than we can look future generations in the eye and say we did our best.  It isn’t honorable to compromise ones values for temporary praise from Megalopolis elitists.  Conservatives need to stand fast,   bloodied but unbowed.

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