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All this talk about Bush being responsible for Iraq’s current condition is ludicrous,  it presumes that Iraq was a wonderland of peace and security in the Mideast.  What a joke.  Saddam and his sons were perverted despots who kept all of the Mideast fearful of what that crazy bunch would do next to the Kurds and the Shiites.  I suspect the protest to Bush deposing Saddam  were based on the fact that many of the leading liberals in Washington and internationally  were up to their eyeballs in profits from Saddam’s oil for food scam

The only lies told about the Iraq situation  all come from the Mainstream Media.  Lie #1.  W started  an unnecessary  war in Iraq.  Saddam Hussein started the war with the US when he invaded Kuwait years before.  At the time W decided to dispose the pervert  ,after consulting with Congress and the UN,, our forces had been operating under a cease-fire agreement for 12 years.  W didn’t start that war he ended it. Lie #2,  Bush lied about the justification for disposing Saddam and his possession of WMD.  Bush didn’t lie, he believed that Saddam did have WMD, To lie you have to know what you are saying is not true,  not only did Bush and Cheney believe Saddam had WMDs so did the UN inspectors, our Congress and probably Saddam since he sent truckloads of something to Syria before Bush deposed him;   Lie#3 Bush is responsible for the current situation in Iraq,  He didn’t pull our troops out of Iraq,  nor did he plan to.

Our mainstream media not only lied about W throughout his administration,  they have never been willing to tell the truth about the Obama administration.   Obama is a profuse liar,  you would not know it from  our media that swears to all his lies,  Crowley is a case in point.


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