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Chicago Skyline 2008

Chicago Skyline 2008 (Photo credit: TomC)

For this PresidentBarrack Obama,  to call Mitt Romney a felon is the definition of Chutzpah.     If the SEC thought a felony was committed by anyone connected with Bain Capitol wouldn’t be shy about  chasing down the offender.  My understanding is that Privately held Companies do not have to report their officers to the SEC.  Furthermore, even Democrats who are personally aware of Romney’s leave of absence are calling the Obama  Administration;s  mud throwing stinky even for a CHI TOWN POL!!!!

On the other hand we have  our current  President ignoring the Constitution,  lying about his intentions,  slinging cash at his otherwise bankrupt investors who obviously expected a payback when they threw their money at the election campaign of Barrack Obama, and then collected.   He launched  his political career  at the home of an  actual felon Bill Ayers (who slithered his way out of the arm of the law), and then Barrack Obama  went into a real estate transaction with one of Chicago’s prized con men,  and proudly admits distributing dope to his HS buddies.

Lets face it if any narcissist deserves an award for Chutzpah its our current President who now claims he and his smarmy constituency most of whom, including corporate GE, don’t pay any income taxes are responsible for the success of this nations productive individuals,  the hated entrepreneurs who forged this great nation – ignoring the fact that most of the benefits enjoyed by the under achievers in this Nation are provided by those who actively embrace our capitalist system and limited federal governance not the other way around. Robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is not social justice, that  should be a felony

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