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Constitution (Photo credit: kalavinka)

No wonder our country is so mucked up. We have so-called Democrat leaders sworn to defend the constitution who don’t even believe the Constitution should be defended. Why you ask? It is because most of the major mafia in our current administration are graduates of liberal colleges such as Harvard where they are indoctrinated into the clan of the collectivists. Collectivists Who think robbing peter to buy Paul’s votes is social justice and believe the constitution is just another piece of paper irrelevant to their grand view of governance, namely mob-ocracy. Our progressive politicians pride themselves in discrediting our revolutionary heritage while favoring polemics by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez and now President Barrack Hussein Obama. What we need are leaders who believe in a limited federal Government committed to a common defense of this Great Nation not its destruction through bankruptcy and the thousand cuts of bureaucratic manipulation. If only we could put a moat around Flyover country¬†and heard all the dope soaked elites and their utopian wet dreams into the centers of constitutional ignorance of the East and West Coast such as Los Angeles, San Fran, NY, with a special corral for the union thugs and crooked politicians out of Chicago.

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