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English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral...

English: Barack Obama delivering his electoral victory speech on Election Night ´08, in Grant Park, Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Headlines,  Plan B available to females  of any age. Considered of course a sensible way of preventing children from being born to children. Generally it had been the parents responsiblity to see to it their children didn’t have an opportunity to reproduce. Of course children remain children in today’s world until they are 26 for insurance purposes only, supposedly.   In my day most of my friends had a job,and  were married with kids by the time they were twenty-one, they didn’t enjoy the luxury of lollygagging around a college campus for the better part of their young adulthood than rallying in protest for  having to pay off   the debt they ran up.

This nation is getting to a point where we will have more abortions than live births, and more single mothers than two parent heterosexual families. What happened. Well of course the drug sex rock and roll sixties, the feminist movement, and the gay rights agenda happened, but what made these movements so popular?

Is it that most of us simply wanted to escape from the restraints and restrictions of a society that respected contractual agreements, believed in meeting ones obligations without complaint or compromise, and trusted in the handshake and accepted a man’s word as truth. believed in God more than they did Government and would be chagrined  to have their personal lives exposed to all and sundry and also  accepted that  morals were not just for the simple-minded and that you should practice what you preached.

Now everyone is upset about the Government collecting information about their phone calls and e-mails, hey we have thrown our lives into the public arena of the internet – some to keep up with distant friends and family, some to have a launching pad for their self promotion, and others for many  different  reasons, and then we expected that a bloated bureaucracy often with little to do but find reasons for expanding their budget would jump on board  the phenomenon as a way to manipulate and intimidate the public?

President Obama promised to dramatically change this Nation  and he has fulfilled his goal to a degree that surprised some , but let’s face it  he couldn’t have been so successful if we the people hadn’t already laid the groundwork or negligently let others do it for us.

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united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

I am torn with the mega data collections.  Normally I would say hey anything to rid this country of terrorists is for the good,  but with current revelations about the long arm of this Administration,  I must say its hard not to be concerned about this much information all in one spot just waiting for someone to harvest it.

All we can depend on in this day of overly abusive and intrusive Government is ourselves.   Anyone damaged by this MEGA DATA Collection needs to shout out loud and clear to a Congressman or the Press or just stand on a street corner and attract the police.

It is obvious this Administration intends to protect its agenda and its legacy, not by presenting arguments to support its positions but by destroying those who would offer any counter argument or in any way interfere with its plans to drastically change America.

I think the collection of mega data can be justified,  allowing that data to be available for the purpose of intimidating and prosecution of ones political enemies should be a great big NO NO!!!!!  However, with so much of the media  in bed with this Administration we have lost one  important watch dog of our freedoms, all we have left is ourselves and like-minded organizations that can monitor Washington and its bureaucrats.  Be Alert,  the world needs all the lerts it can get.

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This is a chart showing trends rape rates (per...

This is a chart showing trends rape rates (per 1000 people) in the U.S. from 1973-2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent much of my life on military bases and posts.  I always felt very secure in these communities.  Not only because most members of the community adhered to a code of conduct which assured respect for a neighbors right to privacy and security, but because you knew that at any given time there were several combat trained and probably armed personnel within shouting distance prepared to respond to any distress signal 

The first question I have is where are these rapes occurring? Anyone can tell you that on base there is very little privacy even  in private quarters. In some off-limits bar? Hey even those used to be heavily patrolled by APs and MPs. And as for Commanders turning a blind eye to the miscreants, I couldn’t have  imagined any Commander who hoped to keep his job letting rapes abound in his outfit. Also, we are talking about supposedly combat ready troops raping other combat ready troops, seems to me in that circumstance both parties would bear irrefutable physical evidence of the encounter visible to everyone they encountered. I am puzzled by these reports but more than that deeply distressed if there is any truth to these press releases..What is equally puzzling is that while Commanders are supposedly turning a blind eye to rapist running rampant under their Command, military personnel are facing reprimands,  court-martial trials and discharges for possessing conservative and Christian literature and actually publicly acknowledging their religious preferences. I remember when soldiers were not allowed to marry without permission and no one on active duty could vote in any election. Even then I don’t remember anyone not being allowed to read what they wanted or Chaplins being reprimanded for doing their job.

Much has changed with the Military during this Administration, I am beginning to wonder if any of it is to the best interest of the service or the women and men who serve.

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coverf. I think poetry is a much neglected part of our education today. In the day, we were expected to memorize poems and recite them to the class. My favorites were “Sea Fever”, “Invictus” and “Jenny Kissed Me” to name but a few.

Even today Poetry is quoted in speeches and used to emphasize a serious concept and unfortunately most of the speakers audience are not familiar with the references. I am for encouraging all teachers to make it a point to familiarize their students to the origins of much of their beloved music and todays rap.

Also I have a book of poems available for Kindle and iPad download on Amazon. Zen SUM terse verse by punkgranny. They are very short but thoughtful. Enjoy

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