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Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

The prevailing ideology today is not so much liberal or libertarian but libertine.

We have a thousand and one politically correct guidelines, and a million and one federal regulation to see we abide by the morals of Great God Government but when it comes to reality of  truth or morality hey no rules, no guidelines, anything goes and religious injunctions, other than those enforced by Islamic Dictators are considered irrelevant by the so called informed academics, politicians and media moguls.

Criticize a Muslim or their actions, death to the infidel!!!

Kill a Christian and you might get a slap on the hands in the UN, even a mention on page 40 of our leading Newspapers, or a mention in passing on CNN. Nothing of much note from the Administration ——might upset some of their Muslim supporters.

It does seem the one thing that this Administration and the Media elite can seem to agree on is that Conservatives, especially Conservative Christians are ideological kooks or extremists of the first order and the only terrorists this nation needs to fear.  It seems no one can hear the sound of our founding fathers turning over in their graves while they continue to push the future of our children into one of decadence and indentured servants of the Government

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House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was dubbed The...

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was dubbed The Hammer for his enforcement of party discipline and retribution against those who did not support the legislative agenda of President George W. Bush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally after all these many years the Democrats are caught out on their political prosecution not just of the tea party through the IRS but the leader of the opposition to progressive dictatorship,  Tom Delay.  The bug terminator who brought his talents to Congress.

No wonder the Democrats want an ever bigger Government,  they use it to their advantage at every turn,  protecting their own blunders such as Benghazi, Obama care , scandalous paybacks to their contributors and bundlers for DNC re-election campaigns through stimulus packages and favorable exclusions to the Obamacare regulations.   Basically they lie cheat and steal and pad their nests through Government agencies and the more they lie the more our mainstream press swears to it.  Then they turn around and use the  Government to  falsely prosecute any opponent to their skullduggery and their sycophants in the  press either ignore their transgressions or whips the party line into disingenuous parroting of their spin.

We are being scammed and yet it is we who are treated as pariahs by the press when we complain.  Do we have to have another revolution to get back to the Government our forefathers passed on to us?

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