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BHRPHOTONever gave too much thought to Michelle Obama’s lunch box activities or her self-indulgent vacations but holding Jane Fonda up as a role model did get my attention. Michelle may chose to immerse  her own daughters i that toilet bowl of narcissism posing as a super star, it’s a free country, but frankly I think there is something twisted in the homage the  drug sex rock and roll retreads and want to be 60’s activists and other  ignoramuses are willing to give to a self-serving, ignorant, dope soaked slut like Hanoi Jane who would use our POW’s as a stepping-stone to boost her celebrity.
Of course I shouldn’t be surprised that Michelle would admire Jane Fonda considering her and her husband’s associations with Bill Ayers and his wife. Still, as wife of the Commander-in-Chief of the US military you would think she might be more discreet about her admiration for anti-military pin heads like Fonda. However, it seems that disrespecting the military and their mission prevails over any other consideration in the Obama family. I don’t know what is more discouraging, President Obama and his policies, or the fact my fellow citizens would vote him back into office after knowing that he truly meant to fundamentally change America and not for the good.  Of course, as with any Democrat Administration, it is always the military that takes the brunt of the change.
And they have the chutzpah to call the Tea Party Extremists.


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Development of debt ceiling from 1990. Source:...

Development of debt ceiling from 1990. Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/budget/fy2012/assets/hist07z3.xls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somebody explain to me the point of a debt ceiling if you just keep raising it when the Progressives want to spend more money.

Why the tea party is called a bunch of freaks when all they want to do is live within our means,  while those who want to spend us into oblivion and sentence our children and grandchildren to the role of  indentured servants of a constantly expanding  federal government are considered rational reasonable practical politicians.

It seems to me the biggest problem this nation faces is that through its education system most of our citizens have become  convenient tools of those who favor an ever-expanding federal Government dedicated to nothing other than redistributing the wealth of the Nation until there is no more wealth to redistribute.  It seems most of our media is not capable of individual thought,  and are but parrots constantly repeating the progressive party line.   When our educators no longer educate but indoctrinate, and our free press is nothing other than pampered  pets of  progressive politicians constantly begging the Government for a bone there is little hope of an electorate who can make rational and intelligent choices necessary for self governance.  Unfortunately we have become exactly what our forefathers tried so hard to save us from becoming, and we brought it all on  ourselves.,  or at least some did,  and only the tea party is sounding the alarm and they are considered kooks.  Give me a break

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The wildest part of this fight over Obamacare is that it has nothing to do with anyone’s actual health care.

Obomacare doesn’t provide for one more nurse, one more doctor, one more clinic,  one more emergency room, one more ambulance, one more helicopter, one more pharmacy, one more hospital.  Instead it  demands that everyone have health insurance or pay a fine to the Government.  It of course does provide for an expansion of the IRS.

For this all Americans will now be able to have their 26-year-old kid on their insurance, they can not be refused insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  However since there are no more Doctors, supposedly 30 million more insured, and  low caps on what insurance Companies will pay,

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

odds are people will not be able to get an appointment with a Dr. for months and thus in most cases those with health problems needing attention will end up in the emergency room,  and those with catastrophic health problems will come up short of means to pay the medical bills,  so here we are with more Government debt and right back where we started when Government under the Progressives in Congress and President Obama decided they and only they knew how to solve our health care problems.  Such Chutzpah ——and they call the Tea Party a bunch of crazy extremists.  And to protect this Program from being changed in any way by a Republicans Congress who has the authority to change bills,  they are willing to support Pres. Obama ( who has changed the bill without the right to do so) in shutting down the Government.   And Cruz is getting the blame for all this?  Where are the truth seekers – not in the Media obviously and not among so-called Progressives both Democrat and Republican.  Seems like the Tea Party is the only group who actually understands the Constitution – and for this they are called terrorists and worse.  God help us.

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Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

The prevailing ideology today is not so much liberal or libertarian but libertine.

We have a thousand and one politically correct guidelines, and a million and one federal regulation to see we abide by the morals of Great God Government but when it comes to reality of  truth or morality hey no rules, no guidelines, anything goes and religious injunctions, other than those enforced by Islamic Dictators are considered irrelevant by the so called informed academics, politicians and media moguls.

Criticize a Muslim or their actions, death to the infidel!!!

Kill a Christian and you might get a slap on the hands in the UN, even a mention on page 40 of our leading Newspapers, or a mention in passing on CNN. Nothing of much note from the Administration ——might upset some of their Muslim supporters.

It does seem the one thing that this Administration and the Media elite can seem to agree on is that Conservatives, especially Conservative Christians are ideological kooks or extremists of the first order and the only terrorists this nation needs to fear.  It seems no one can hear the sound of our founding fathers turning over in their graves while they continue to push the future of our children into one of decadence and indentured servants of the Government

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bengazi boysThe truly chilling effect of these scandals is that President Obama’s approval rating is rising. Which means a majority of my fellow Americans approve of what this Administration is doing, especially to the Constitutional rights of conservatives in this Country. And they are not upset that The spin Doctors in the White House and State Dept. would sweep the death of an Ambassador under the rug in order to assure President Obama’s re-election.

This is the real scandal, how this nation’s citizens have come by their own free will to embrace the aims and objectives of President Obama and his sycophants in the media and academia to destroy those who would criticize the agenda this Administration has adopted.

I have never felt so uncomfortable about the future of this nation, and freedom of thought.

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Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Compromise by the Democrats can best be understood in the context of an old poem attibuted to Harry Truman’s administration.  ” The election is over,   and time has come to pass,   I’ll hug your elephant if you’ll kist my ass”.

Compromise in Democrat terms means all accept their demands for more taxes and more spending,  Anything less is a pure irrational refusal to come to any agreement because of racist, chauvinist and extremist on  the conservative right,   including both the tea party and christian conservatives.  Of course extremist on the Left are considered moderately left of center by the media.

Barney Frank loves to  brag about how Democrats comprimised with Bush. Of course,  Bush simply presented them with programs that expanded the federal government and for this some Democrats went along with his tax cutting, and they have been complaining ever since.

Conservatives have gone to war with the Democrats for decades fighting for smaller government and less taxing and what have they achieved –  an ever larger government ,  more spending and a 16 trillion plus debt.  The Democrats idea of a spending cut is to cut back on the planned increases in Government spending

Maybe it would be a good thing to go over the cliff.  maybe then voters will realize for a change there really isn’t a Santa Claus Virginia and Government isn’t God.

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Constitution (Photo credit: kalavinka)

No wonder our country is so mucked up. We have so-called Democrat leaders sworn to defend the constitution who don’t even believe the Constitution should be defended. Why you ask? It is because most of the major mafia in our current administration are graduates of liberal colleges such as Harvard where they are indoctrinated into the clan of the collectivists. Collectivists Who think robbing peter to buy Paul’s votes is social justice and believe the constitution is just another piece of paper irrelevant to their grand view of governance, namely mob-ocracy. Our progressive politicians pride themselves in discrediting our revolutionary heritage while favoring polemics by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez and now President Barrack Hussein Obama. What we need are leaders who believe in a limited federal Government committed to a common defense of this Great Nation not its destruction through bankruptcy and the thousand cuts of bureaucratic manipulation. If only we could put a moat around Flyover country and heard all the dope soaked elites and their utopian wet dreams into the centers of constitutional ignorance of the East and West Coast such as Los Angeles, San Fran, NY, with a special corral for the union thugs and crooked politicians out of Chicago.

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