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untitledTo believe that promoting Obamacare is doing God’s work,  you have to believe Government is God and Obama is his Messiah.   Unfortunately the Bible President Obama swore upon doesn’t guide him in Office.

Social Justice isn’t the same as collectivists redistribution of wealth.  You can’t rob Peter to buy Paul’s vote for your political ambitions and say you are doing God’s work.

Christ spoke of individual responsibility, you loving your neighbor, not expecting the Government to do all the loving for you.  Paying taxes doesn’t equate with freely giving of your time and money to aid those less fortunate.   The truth is, for all their talk wealthy Democrats give less to charity than Republicans yet  they claim they are the ones who truly care for their neighbor,  truth is most liberals don’t much care  for their neighbors, their siblings, their families,  the most important consideration is not doing something to show love for their fellow-man but instructing everyone else on how not supporting their bright utopian ideas on saving the world  proves their opponents are evil.

Secularism is basically self-love, “Here’s to thee and Here’s to me may we never disagree, if we do to Hell with You.  Here’s to Me” and justifies its existence by promoting loathing for those who still cling to their guns and Churches the heart of true freedom as put forth in our Declaration of Independence and reinforced with the Constitution.  No wonder President Obama is so contemptuous of both the Constitution and his opponents and thinks pushing Government Programs is doing GOD’s (aka Government of Democrats) work

Also explains why Eric Holder feels free to only enforce the laws he agrees with.  What a bunch of arrogant,  head up their butts, ignorant ideologues we have running this country.  However,  I don’t fear them as much as I do those in this Nation who support them because they run our Universities and Media and thus control what our youth know about America and their fellow citizens .   Unfortunately our students are taught more about Socialist Utopian aspirations then they are about what really made this country work.


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I am torn with the mega data collections.  Normally I would say hey anything to rid this country of terrorists is for the good,  but with current revelations about the long arm of this Administration,  I must say its hard not to be concerned about this much information all in one spot just waiting for someone to harvest it.

All we can depend on in this day of overly abusive and intrusive Government is ourselves.   Anyone damaged by this MEGA DATA Collection needs to shout out loud and clear to a Congressman or the Press or just stand on a street corner and attract the police.

It is obvious this Administration intends to protect its agenda and its legacy, not by presenting arguments to support its positions but by destroying those who would offer any counter argument or in any way interfere with its plans to drastically change America.

I think the collection of mega data can be justified,  allowing that data to be available for the purpose of intimidating and prosecution of ones political enemies should be a great big NO NO!!!!!  However, with so much of the media  in bed with this Administration we have lost one  important watch dog of our freedoms, all we have left is ourselves and like-minded organizations that can monitor Washington and its bureaucrats.  Be Alert,  the world needs all the lerts it can get.

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Why is the media which ignored the tea party and accused
them of racism and worse so anxious to equate it to the Occupy Wall Street
crowd whom more often than not they smother with admiration  .  Equating
these two movements would be like comparing George Washington to Stalin; sure
they were both leaders of their country but even those indoctrinated by some
Ivy League school must be able to distinguish between the governing styles.  Or even worse comparing the American revolution
to Castro’s’ takeover of Cuba, Or trying to compare doers with dreamers, or
community with commune, or education with indoctrination, or wisdom with
wisecracks, or petitioning ones government to rioting and vandalism, common
sense with nonsense,  Sure both movements
object to the bailouts and corporate cronyism, but the tea party knows who to
blame for the debacle they both deplore.
Wall Street bankers didn’t bail themselves out    nor did they demand there be no restraints
on how they used their  gifts from the
Treasury.   Seize control of every asset
of every billionaire and you might put a dent in the debt,  but now you are out of people from whom  to transfer wealth and you still got the
Government running up our deficits.  Let
the rich do what they do best,  earn and
spend money and get over the idea that robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is
social justice,  the only ones who profit
from that jobs program are politicians.

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