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George Soros, billionaire

George Soros, billionaire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Them Dems are just kicking up Dust again with their faux concern over corrupt capitalists and wealthy entrepreneurs.  Watching the bloated gobblers of Wall Street MONEY jumping up and down on Romney’s back because of his millions and connection to Bain would be funny if it weren’t so damned smarmy

Bitching about Bain and Romney belies the Democrats and progressive Republicans embrace of the Kennedy clan, Kerry, Franklin Roosevelt, the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, and other obscenely wealthy Democrats.

As for venture capitalist,   Bain at least was financed by investors with much skin in the game,  unlike Westmark and other leverage buyout artists the Democrats lauded during the Clinton Administration,  The very same sanctimonious Progressives critics of Bain tried to make Bobby Ray Inman Secretary of Defense knowing full well that he was a major player in the larceny known as the leverage buyout of Tracor, a major Defense Contractor by Westmark. For those who may have forgotten Westmark with the aid of Merrill and Lynch leveraged  a  fortune five hundred defense contractor , Tracor, to the edge of bankruptcy after selling off Tracor assists to pay for the interest on the loans they had laid on the Company in their buy out , meanwhile Bobby Inman paid himself millions for his participation in managing Tracor after the buyout before he bailed.

It isn’t just that Chicago politics is so vicious; it’s also deceitful and often downright vulgar.  President Obama has got to go.

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Why is the media which ignored the tea party and accused
them of racism and worse so anxious to equate it to the Occupy Wall Street
crowd whom more often than not they smother with admiration  .  Equating
these two movements would be like comparing George Washington to Stalin; sure
they were both leaders of their country but even those indoctrinated by some
Ivy League school must be able to distinguish between the governing styles.  Or even worse comparing the American revolution
to Castro’s’ takeover of Cuba, Or trying to compare doers with dreamers, or
community with commune, or education with indoctrination, or wisdom with
wisecracks, or petitioning ones government to rioting and vandalism, common
sense with nonsense,  Sure both movements
object to the bailouts and corporate cronyism, but the tea party knows who to
blame for the debacle they both deplore.
Wall Street bankers didn’t bail themselves out    nor did they demand there be no restraints
on how they used their  gifts from the
Treasury.   Seize control of every asset
of every billionaire and you might put a dent in the debt,  but now you are out of people from whom  to transfer wealth and you still got the
Government running up our deficits.  Let
the rich do what they do best,  earn and
spend money and get over the idea that robbing Peter to buy Paul’s vote is
social justice,  the only ones who profit
from that jobs program are politicians.

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