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Sandra Fluke is hardly representative of America’s women.  The women I know are lions who would lay down their lives for their cubs.   Instead we have this charlatan, this darling of the Nanny State playing the abused kitten and whining because she is not getting her recreational sex subsidized by Georgetown Univ.  And like most champions of women’s rights excessively concerned about someone restricting her right to kill her babies in the womb.

Rush’s comments were off the point in addition to just plain rude crude and unattractive.   Instead of attacking Sandra he should have attacked the whole Democrat con man technique of misdirection which of course is what the whole dust-up surrounding President  Obama’s mandates regarding free contraceptives is about.   President Obama and his campaign committee do not want such issues as the economy and his foreign and domestic policies or the National Debt debated; instead he has his Administrators and cheer leaders in Congress concoct a side-show over contraception and abortion.

As for the women’s health issue, if in fact feminists were concerned with women’s health they would be warning women of the side effects of oral contraceptives, and emphasize the fact that the pill provides no protection from STDs which of course are a great threat to women’s reproductive health, as for abortion being a health issue, a normal full term birth is far less threatening to a women’s over all health than an abortion. Also there is some evidence of a correlation between the increase in abortions and the rise in cases of breast cancer. Actually at the root of this push for free contraceptives and abortion on demand is a strong stench of the old Eugenics and population control arguments.

However, I don’t have much compassion for the Catholic Church in this instance since they chose to push for Socialized Medicine, now they find themselves in a battle with the Administration over providing Federally mandated financial support for abortions and free contraception for all their employees.  Guess they thought they would get the same privileged exemptions as the Unions.  Sorry, Catholic hierarchy, President Obama, a proud supporter of infanticide can’t be bought off with an honorary degree from Notre Dame or even a majority of the Catholic vote.

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