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Hillary? Really!. That’s the best Feminists can offer up? Or for that matter the Democrat Party?

We have over 300 million people in this Nation and She is the best bet for President according to Billionaire Buffet. What has happened to this nation? Have we learned nothing from electing her fellow Saul Alinsky sycophant?> Read the Hillary letters to Alinsky,

Put aside her complicity in the Benghazi debacle, put aside her duplicity in trying to cover up her activities in the Rose’s Law Firm. Forget her trying to blame her husband’s perversions on a Right Wing Conspiracy. If you put all that aside (I can’t) lets examine what she has done to earn the right to lead this country.

The only person who has done less to advance the interests of most Americans Is President Obama.She rode  into office on the coattails of her adulterous husband whose flagrant womanizing she has not only tolerated but (like the cookie baking housewives she abhors) in an abject effort to acquire her own political power she has stood by her man, no matter the humiliation to which he has subjected her.

Bill, Bubba, Clinton claims she is the most intelligent woman her has known, that is probably true but to my mind that is damning with faint praise.
Let’s review what she did as First Lady. How about Hillary care, a health plan even the Democrats wouldn’t sign off on. Other than that, like Michelle, she mostly took advantage of the White House Perks, piling up frequent flyer miles on her global vacations for her and Chelsea, sure she stopped in to great applause on various tax payer funded international meetings of various UN sponsored Liberal organizations. But what American policies did that advance? Anywhere?

How about as Secretary of State. More of the same. She made a joke of our policies toward Russia, as has Obama. Hillary is a Obama re-do. Although she doesn’t play golf and talks like a hawk basically we are looking at the same narcissistic, self-indulgent, self adulating, ideologue whose only claim to fame is her ability to sustain her delusions of superior ability among the talking heads in the Democratic party without a smidgen of evidence to support her ambitions.

She thrives in a bubble created by Feminists and Democrats who are as delusional as she is and would rather destroy this country than relinquish their political power.

Biden would do more to forward the interests of this country than this duplicitous whore to power and he would be good for a few laughs, which Hillary has never been

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama (Photo credit: jamesomalley)

Does President Obama prevaricate or  lie? Is he disingenuous, or actually  stupid?  Or is he just deliberately  ignorant of how his Administration works.? As Hillary would say “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE’!!!!!!

The affordable health care program has obviously been a fraud from its inception..  No one really read it because they didn’t need too.  The big secret is that the program was designed to fail from the beginning and the Democrats were in on the scam.  No one  wanted to read it and then have to say they were in on the joke played on the American People.

Why would I say this? I say this  because it is becoming more and more apparent that the whole point of shoving this program down America’s throats was to destroy the private insurance companies so that America would beg the Government to provide Universal Health Care for them.  You think I am making this up,  well then explain why supposedly otherwise brilliant people would take three years to develop a software program they knew would fail then insist on putting it up on the web anyway.   Why would they make regulations demanding the Insurance companies change their plans,  pretend they didn’t know millions would lose their plans because of their regulations,  then try and blame the Insurance companies for having changed their plans and insist they change them back – no insurance company can survive this kind of manipulations, and this Administration knew that from the beginning.

President Obama talks about phony scandals but there was nothing phony about Benghazi except for the President’s rationalizations about the attack, there was nothing phony about the IRS targeting members of the Taxed Enough Already Party except the Administrations excuses for having developed such a policy , there was nothing phony about the Justice Department going after a Fox reporter except the dodges that the Administration took to escape responsibility for criminally pursuing a reporter for doing his job.  And there was nothing phony about Republicans trying to repeal OBAMACARE,  it was OBMACARE itself that was PHONY!

This Administration’s Czars may not be brilliant but they are too clever by half and obviously will use any tactic to accomplish the fulfillment of their utopian wet dream. We have an administration that believes Government is God and you shall not put any other God’s before them. their ethics are those professed by  Communists,  namely situation ethics – which in essence states  “In any given situation what ever I do to advance my own interests is ethical” thus you can lie, cheat, steal from the people and call it social justice.

Robbing Peter to buy Paul’s votes is not social justice.  And what ever some teachers from Notre Dame might believe Jesus did not support BIG Government.  He did not believe Government was responsible for taking care of our Neighbor in need,  Jesus preached that  we individually thru personal sacrifice for our own salvation were expected to look to the needs of  our fellow-man.

I don’t know what it will take for ordinary people to realize that they only suffer greatly under all large central governments such as those of  Caesar, Napoleon, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and now   Obama —–Bloated,  centralized  Governments such as Obama is creating with his plan to dramatically change America  is not your friend,  never was your friend, never will be your friend.  Big centralized government is  all about Power for Control Freaks who could care less about anyone but themselves.


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English: Depiction of the Senate vote on H.R. ...

English: Depiction of the Senate vote on H.R. 3590 (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) on December 24, 2009, by state. Two Democratic yeas One Democratic yea, one Republican nay One Republican nay, one Republican not voting Two Republican nays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know how many of you may have seen this video,  it is a winner.


  I am so tired of the media and the talking heads on CNN, CBS  NBC and ABC trying to sell the CZARS and ACTION FIGURES in this Administration as the Best and the Brightest,  they most certainly are the most Devious and deceitful  as in Benghazi, IRS phony scandals and Obamacare fraud,  thank goodness there are people out there willing to call it as they see it.

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united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

I am torn with the mega data collections.  Normally I would say hey anything to rid this country of terrorists is for the good,  but with current revelations about the long arm of this Administration,  I must say its hard not to be concerned about this much information all in one spot just waiting for someone to harvest it.

All we can depend on in this day of overly abusive and intrusive Government is ourselves.   Anyone damaged by this MEGA DATA Collection needs to shout out loud and clear to a Congressman or the Press or just stand on a street corner and attract the police.

It is obvious this Administration intends to protect its agenda and its legacy, not by presenting arguments to support its positions but by destroying those who would offer any counter argument or in any way interfere with its plans to drastically change America.

I think the collection of mega data can be justified,  allowing that data to be available for the purpose of intimidating and prosecution of ones political enemies should be a great big NO NO!!!!!  However, with so much of the media  in bed with this Administration we have lost one  important watch dog of our freedoms, all we have left is ourselves and like-minded organizations that can monitor Washington and its bureaucrats.  Be Alert,  the world needs all the lerts it can get.

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English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When will the mainstream media us give us Who, What, Where and When instead of White House Spin.

We have a great recovery going on according to the mainstream media, yet more people are on food stamps and disability payments. And every day I run into people complaining about the trouble they are having finding decent work.

Obama care a debacle yet all we hear about is how happy the uninsured are with their new-found benefits

There is no inflation according to the Mainstream Media, but every time I go shopping I am paying a lot more for a lot less.

Benghazi was just a bump in the road, no one was to blame, no coverup, what a bunch of malarkey and yet that is the party line so our talking heads  focus on Obama’s promise all, blame Republicans, do nothing oratory.

Seems our watch dog press has lost it nose for news and is reduced to doing nothing more than snapping at Republicans to earn their keep.

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Constitution (Photo credit: kalavinka)

No wonder our country is so mucked up. We have so-called Democrat leaders sworn to defend the constitution who don’t even believe the Constitution should be defended. Why you ask? It is because most of the major mafia in our current administration are graduates of liberal colleges such as Harvard where they are indoctrinated into the clan of the collectivists. Collectivists Who think robbing peter to buy Paul’s votes is social justice and believe the constitution is just another piece of paper irrelevant to their grand view of governance, namely mob-ocracy. Our progressive politicians pride themselves in discrediting our revolutionary heritage while favoring polemics by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez and now President Barrack Hussein Obama. What we need are leaders who believe in a limited federal Government committed to a common defense of this Great Nation not its destruction through bankruptcy and the thousand cuts of bureaucratic manipulation. If only we could put a moat around Flyover country and heard all the dope soaked elites and their utopian wet dreams into the centers of constitutional ignorance of the East and West Coast such as Los Angeles, San Fran, NY, with a special corral for the union thugs and crooked politicians out of Chicago.

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Soviet poster circa 1925. Title translation: &...

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Sandra Fluke is hardly representative of America’s women.  The women I know are lions who would lay down their lives for their cubs.   Instead we have this charlatan, this darling of the Nanny State playing the abused kitten and whining because she is not getting her recreational sex subsidized by Georgetown Univ.  And like most champions of women’s rights excessively concerned about someone restricting her right to kill her babies in the womb.

Rush’s comments were off the point in addition to just plain rude crude and unattractive.   Instead of attacking Sandra he should have attacked the whole Democrat con man technique of misdirection which of course is what the whole dust-up surrounding President  Obama’s mandates regarding free contraceptives is about.   President Obama and his campaign committee do not want such issues as the economy and his foreign and domestic policies or the National Debt debated; instead he has his Administrators and cheer leaders in Congress concoct a side-show over contraception and abortion.

As for the women’s health issue, if in fact feminists were concerned with women’s health they would be warning women of the side effects of oral contraceptives, and emphasize the fact that the pill provides no protection from STDs which of course are a great threat to women’s reproductive health, as for abortion being a health issue, a normal full term birth is far less threatening to a women’s over all health than an abortion. Also there is some evidence of a correlation between the increase in abortions and the rise in cases of breast cancer. Actually at the root of this push for free contraceptives and abortion on demand is a strong stench of the old Eugenics and population control arguments.

However, I don’t have much compassion for the Catholic Church in this instance since they chose to push for Socialized Medicine, now they find themselves in a battle with the Administration over providing Federally mandated financial support for abortions and free contraception for all their employees.  Guess they thought they would get the same privileged exemptions as the Unions.  Sorry, Catholic hierarchy, President Obama, a proud supporter of infanticide can’t be bought off with an honorary degree from Notre Dame or even a majority of the Catholic vote.

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English: A comparison of Democratic and Republ...

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President Obama may be cunning, loquacious, Harvard Graduate and an amazing community organizer, is he also intelligent? As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on that one. Actually, there are many ways of judging intelligence; it seems to me those considered brilliant by journalists wallowing around the fetid swamps Inside the Beltway couldn’t find their butt in the dark with a flashlight.

A President of the United States doesn’t need to be a self anointed intellectual elite to lead this Nation well. He does need to know who to look to for advice, and be smart enough not to call in a Brain Surgeon when what he needs is a plumber or a Rocket Scientist when he needs an electrician or a Professor when he needs an accountant. President Obama like most Progressive elites thinks all this Nation’s problems can be solved by Lawyers, Word Merchants and Social Workers. That isn’t smart, that’s dumb, and unfortunately for President Obama most Americans realize that isn’t smart.

He might think it brave, and visionary to drive this country over a cliff financially in order to bring forth his version of Utopia, but your average tea party participant doesn’t want to go along on that ride nor do most Republicans and Sarah Palin by contrast to President Obama is looking better and better every day.

If the Progressives in this Country continue to try to shove their agenda down the throats of the average American citizen we very well may have another civil war and I don’t think it’s foreordained that the Union will win. What could kick it off would be for California to demand the rest of the country including Texas to bail them out. California is the Socialist Utopian Dream and the best and the brightest are pulling up stakes and heading for anywhere but there as fast as they can pack.

Left to his own devices it is becoming more and more apparent that Obama would like the entire country to be just like California, is there no one among the dope soaked so-called intellectual elite of this Nation smart enough to realize there is poison in that Utopian Kool Aid? Everyone is so upset with the current impasse in Washington between Democrats and Republicans and most of the media seems bent on blaming it all on the Republicans. Hey, bi-partisanship is a two-way street, after eight years of Bush Bashing there is a lot of fence mending that needs to be done before any one on the right will believe there isn’t a hidden dagger up every Democrats sleeve, including President Obama’s and most Republicans tend to favor a cautious approach when it comes to accepting the siren call of that charlatan.

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In January 2009, President of the United State...

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The idea that President Obama can slough off the idiocy and
inadequacy of his policies by claiming he had to work with a do nothing
Congress is the final proof that he thinks all the citizens of this country are
morons. Well, obviously some are but many aren’t and hopefully they will be the
ones out voting next year.

The difference between Barrack Obama and other American
citizens is that if  any other citizen
had applied for a job and been asked to produce a certified copy of their birth
certificate and they said quit bugging me you racist slob,    they wouldn’t have been hired.   Instead of supplying his future employers
with what they requested we got the finger and two years of a dude with a
tude,   and we’re supposed to believe he
is a regular run of the mill everyday average citizen, not so much.   Obama has been allowed a lot of slack
throughout his life and the thanks he gives to his fellow citizens is to
identify anyone who doesn’t worship at his altar as a nasty racists bigot
clinging to their guns and churches.
What a bunch of typical Democrat crapola.  Obama has shown himself to be an arrogant
insufferable racist himself and probably one of the worst Presidents this
country has known, but I guess the old adage works,   if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance,
bury them in Bull excrement.  .

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"The Third-Term Panic", by Thomas Na...

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A year until the Presidential election and the Republicans primary is still months away from the first cast vote yet the Democrat propagandists among the media moguls have already brought out the long knives.  They are gleefully chopping away at Romney with his penchant for keeping a wet finger in the wind,  then they have plastered Cain with the same old slurs slung at Clarence Thomas, and doused Rick Perry in ridicule with a  rather clever assemblage of excerpts from a speech he gave in NH where he received a standing ovation. They say your point of view depends on where you stand and it is very obvious that our classic media buffons are in the same position they always assume, blockers for the Democrat’s Political teams.

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