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More and more we seem to be a very polarized nation, Ron Paul pulling us one way, Pelosi and Reid another.  President Obama complaining that our Constitution impairs his ability to dictate.  A Tea Party that demands adherence to the Constitution and a smaller Government. An Occupy Crowd that thinks they have a right to demand everything from everybody.   Catholic Clergy handing out honorary degrees to President Obama and other Catholic leaders threatening to take him to the Supreme Court for usurping their constitutional rights.

It seems to me this country is permanently divided into two camps,   those who have formed a conscience and those who are too busy examining other peoples consciences to bother forming one of their own.   Or rather a division between those who look at the Ten Commandments and consider them commandments and those who think of the commandments much the same as they think of our Constitution as nothing more than a smorgasbord of meaningless suggestions.  A chasm between citizens who strive to live with integrity and those who have embraced situation ethics, thereby proclaiming that in any given situation anything one does to advance their own interests is ethical.    It is beginning to look as though the biggest gulf in our society is not between the haves and have nots but rather it  has more to do with what Pelosi refers to as “That conscience thing”.   A permanent hostility between those who have one and those who don’t think they need one.  In other words those who cling to their guns and churches and those who don’t believe they need a conscience because they are Gods and Government is their Church.


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