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The wildest part of this fight over Obamacare is that it has nothing to do with anyone’s actual health care.

Obomacare doesn’t provide for one more nurse, one more doctor, one more clinic,  one more emergency room, one more ambulance, one more helicopter, one more pharmacy, one more hospital.  Instead it  demands that everyone have health insurance or pay a fine to the Government.  It of course does provide for an expansion of the IRS.

For this all Americans will now be able to have their 26-year-old kid on their insurance, they can not be refused insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  However since there are no more Doctors, supposedly 30 million more insured, and  low caps on what insurance Companies will pay,

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

odds are people will not be able to get an appointment with a Dr. for months and thus in most cases those with health problems needing attention will end up in the emergency room,  and those with catastrophic health problems will come up short of means to pay the medical bills,  so here we are with more Government debt and right back where we started when Government under the Progressives in Congress and President Obama decided they and only they knew how to solve our health care problems.  Such Chutzpah ——and they call the Tea Party a bunch of crazy extremists.  And to protect this Program from being changed in any way by a Republicans Congress who has the authority to change bills,  they are willing to support Pres. Obama ( who has changed the bill without the right to do so) in shutting down the Government.   And Cruz is getting the blame for all this?  Where are the truth seekers – not in the Media obviously and not among so-called Progressives both Democrat and Republican.  Seems like the Tea Party is the only group who actually understands the Constitution – and for this they are called terrorists and worse.  God help us.


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  President Obama did a magnificent job of manipulating the contraception issue in his Obamacare,  but then he is a master manipulator.   Argue all you will about his being an American citizen,  he governs like an African potentate   Can anyone please explain the difference between a mandate that the Catholic Church  offer insurance to their employees that pays  for birth control ,abortions and sterilization and a compromise that mandates that the Catholic Church  offer insurance to their employes that pays for birth control, abortions and sterilization. ??    And yet we have Millions of Catholics who think this President  caved to the Bishops and Cardinals,  probably including some Bishops and Cardinals.  Beware all you true believers The Progressive utopian wet dream with the re-election of this President will soon become just another socialist nightmare

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More and more we seem to be a very polarized nation, Ron Paul pulling us one way, Pelosi and Reid another.  President Obama complaining that our Constitution impairs his ability to dictate.  A Tea Party that demands adherence to the Constitution and a smaller Government. An Occupy Crowd that thinks they have a right to demand everything from everybody.   Catholic Clergy handing out honorary degrees to President Obama and other Catholic leaders threatening to take him to the Supreme Court for usurping their constitutional rights.

It seems to me this country is permanently divided into two camps,   those who have formed a conscience and those who are too busy examining other peoples consciences to bother forming one of their own.   Or rather a division between those who look at the Ten Commandments and consider them commandments and those who think of the commandments much the same as they think of our Constitution as nothing more than a smorgasbord of meaningless suggestions.  A chasm between citizens who strive to live with integrity and those who have embraced situation ethics, thereby proclaiming that in any given situation anything one does to advance their own interests is ethical.    It is beginning to look as though the biggest gulf in our society is not between the haves and have nots but rather it  has more to do with what Pelosi refers to as “That conscience thing”.   A permanent hostility between those who have one and those who don’t think they need one.  In other words those who cling to their guns and churches and those who don’t believe they need a conscience because they are Gods and Government is their Church.

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