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BHRPHOTONever gave too much thought to Michelle Obama’s lunch box activities or her self-indulgent vacations but holding Jane Fonda up as a role model did get my attention. Michelle may chose to immerse  her own daughters i that toilet bowl of narcissism posing as a super star, it’s a free country, but frankly I think there is something twisted in the homage the  drug sex rock and roll retreads and want to be 60’s activists and other  ignoramuses are willing to give to a self-serving, ignorant, dope soaked slut like Hanoi Jane who would use our POW’s as a stepping-stone to boost her celebrity.
Of course I shouldn’t be surprised that Michelle would admire Jane Fonda considering her and her husband’s associations with Bill Ayers and his wife. Still, as wife of the Commander-in-Chief of the US military you would think she might be more discreet about her admiration for anti-military pin heads like Fonda. However, it seems that disrespecting the military and their mission prevails over any other consideration in the Obama family. I don’t know what is more discouraging, President Obama and his policies, or the fact my fellow citizens would vote him back into office after knowing that he truly meant to fundamentally change America and not for the good.  Of course, as with any Democrat Administration, it is always the military that takes the brunt of the change.
And they have the chutzpah to call the Tea Party Extremists.


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English: Jane Fonda and her husband Ted Turner...

English: Jane Fonda and her husband Ted Turner at the International Leonardo Prize, Moscow, 1993 Русский: Международная Леонардо-премия (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Normally I do not support boycotts but when it comes to Jane Fonda I am willing to make an exception.

Her trip to Hanoi and insults to our POWs didn’t upset me so much, I lived through the love affair the Oscar crowd had with Uncle Joe Stalin, and let’s face it, chasing after tyrants and dictators for a photo op is de rigueur for La La Land celebs (Sean Penn with Chavez for example) and of course Che Guevara T-Shirts are haute couture for the effete elite on both coasts. What really riled me was her phony apology; “I am sorry you peons are so stupid you can’t appreciate why I did what I did”. Some apology! Of course her words were more subtle and polished but we got the message, “Anyone who disapproves of me can go take a long hike off a short pier” or just disappear in the surf as the Vietnam Veteran did in Coming Home.

What also irks me are the accolades she gets for her acting. She didn’t need to act to pull off those sex scenes in Klute that was just Jane being Jane. As far as I am concerned she is throwback to the days of silent film when the stars gestured their joys and sorrows to their audiences while a pianist tickled the ivories in the background. Jane happy… tinkle, tinkle, plink; Jane sad… plunk, plink, plunk; Jane having an orgasm plunk, plunk ta daaaaa. She is good at what she does but so is your average porn star and they don’t make millions per hour.

I do wonder however how someone as shallow, plastic and self absorbed as Ms. Fonda will convey the deep abiding love Nancy had for Ron, doesn’t seem to me she has much to draw on. But that’s her problem.

So on with your boycott Proud  Warriors of that “drug, sex rock and roll, and while we’re at it lets protest the war era.” My dear departed husband, a proud Vietnam Vet will cheer you from on high and I will save my widows mite for the next Nemo. What joy to watch a film where I can be entertained by some truly animated characters and enjoy a clever fantasy instead of wasting my money on another Hollywood propaganda flick posing as a documentary.

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