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It didn’t take long for the slime side of this Administration and its sycophants in Congress and the Media to drown this political campaign in its smarmy, smelly ooze.

Obama’s mandate to Catholic Bishops was a direct and masterful political manipulation. The mandate removed forever any pretense that Progressives believed this Administration had any obligation to respect freedom of religion. Pretending that President Obama had caved to the Bishops and that Insurance Companies would be responsible for the monetary obligation of this mandate did nothing to alleviate the ultimate object of the mandate, namely the destruction of religious freedoms. To now pretend that Catholic leaders started a war with Obama over women’s contraceptive practices instead of recognizing that these leaders were defending the Church’s teachings from censorship by a secular government is a classic case of the communists’ tactic of controlling the masses through misdirection.
President Obama started this war for the sole purpose of sliming Republicans with this misrepresentation of their response to this dictatorial display of power. It was their plan all along to frighten women back into their fold by feigning a concern that Republicans would snatch away contraceptive privileges. The Congressional hearing Thursday was not for the purpose of presenting men’s views on contraception as claimed by President Obama’s cohorts in Congress and within the media, rather it was a presentation of the views of religious leaders to attacks on their right to freely practice and defend their religious beliefs from a increasingly anti-religious Administration, an administration that will say and do anything to maintain power and has shown its willingness to use the Constitution as little more than a convent rag in which to wantonly wrap its excess hubris


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